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Getting Started
Wrong and Forgotten Passwords
Logging In and Logging Out
Accessing the OCMS Demo site
Your User Profile
OCMS Homepage - Recent Activity and Incomplete Sessions
How to Clear Your Browser's Cache
Technical Requirements
OCMS Virtual Assistant
Placing a ticket on OCMS
Why Place a Ticket on the Online Support Ticket System?
What is OCMS?
New and Returning Clients
Register a New Client
How to Remove a Duplicate or Unwanted Client Profile
Find a Client
Client Dashboard (Review Client History)
Family Code
Creating an Excel Spreadsheet for Named Clients or Group Activities
Find Clients with "Quick Client"
New and Returning Clients
Register an Anonymous Client
Create a Session
Types of Sessions
Adding Clients to a Session
Find a Session
Adding Service Forms to a Session
Copy a Session
Start a Direct Service Session
Starting a Session with a Named Client
Three ways to Create a Direct Service Session
Delete a Session
Direct Services
Needs Assessment Service Form
Information & Orientation Service Form
Tasks / Referrals and Building a Settlement/Action Plan
Types of Sessions and Service Forms
Employment Service Form
Client Support Services
Community Connections Form (New)
Copy a Service Form
Non-Specified Direct Service Form
Refugee Form
Language Assessment Form (Interim)
Attaching Supporting Documents to a Form
Community Connections Form (Interim)
Direct Services (Job Development)
Mentor/Tutor Match Form
Job Development Needs Assessment Form
Job Placement Form
Job Development Update/Progress Form
Mentor/Tutor Update Form
Direct Services (Finance)
Financial Services and Outcomes Form
Group Activities
Group Activity Sessions for Named or Anonymous Clients
Creating & Deactivating a Group Activity Name/Master List
Find an Existing Group Activity Name
Community Connections (C/C) Group Activity Service Form - Named Clients
Information & Orientation (I/O) Group Activity Service Form - Named Clients
Adding Clients to a Group Activity
Adding a Group Activity Name to a Session
I/O, C/C and Employment Group Activity Service Form - Anonymous Clients
I/O and C/C Group Activity Attendee Form - Named Clients
Employment Group Activity Service Form - Named Clients
Employment Group Activity Attendee Form - Named Clients
All Attendee Settings
Copy Attendee form to all attendees
Language Training
Language Training Session Overview
Language Training Open Form
Language Training Attendance Form
Language Training Exit Form
Language Training Enrollment Form
Creating Reports
Report Filter Fields
Reports Available to All Staff
My Briefcase - Execute Report in Background
Overview Reports
All Clients Totals Report Based on Client Profile
All Services Totals Report
All Services Totals By Staff Involved
Custom Agency Questions by Form Type Report
All Client Totals Based on Client Profile (Training based on Enrollment)
Direct Service Reports
All Direct Services Report
Tasks and Referrals
Needs Assessment Service Form Overview Report
Information & Orientation Service Form Overview Report
Employment Service Form Overview Report
Refugee Service Form Overview
Community Connections Form Overview report
Job Development Needs Assessment Service Form Overview Report
Group Activity Reports
Group Activities Report
Anonymous Group Report
All Group Activity Attendees Report
Group Session Participants (with Unique Identifiers) Report
Miscellaneous Reports
New/Returning Clients Report
Settlement Plans / Tasks and Referrals
Visits Report
User Report
Client Contact List
Client Registrations by Worker
Services Totals By Location
Missing Client Data Report
Support Services Report
Client Emergency Contacts Report
Finance Reports
Finance Reports
Session Reports
Clients with No Visits Since Date
Client Profile Reports
How to access the Client Profile Reports
Client History Report
OCMS Client Card
Settlement Program Registration Report
Client Mentor / Tutor History
iCARE Bulk Uploads - Steps 1, 2, 3
Client Identifiers Required by iCARE
Step 2 - Filter Fields
Step 1 - Requirements / What to Upload
Step 3 - Running and Reading the Report / File
ICARE Bulk Upload Error Checking - Step 4
Client Information Errors
Community Connections Errors
NO DATA on your iCARE report
Needs Assessment Errors
Information and Orientation Errors
Employment Bulk Upload Errors
Language Errors
OCMS Upload to iCARE - Step 5
How to Upload OCMS Files to iCARE
Geocoding Clients
Geocoding OCMS Clients
Customizing OCMS Content
Manage Agency Programs - adding programs
Manage Agency Programs - adding/removing staff
Manage Agency Questions - Removing Questions
Manage Agency Questions - Editing Questions
Manage Agency Questions - Adding Questions
Manage Agency Partners
Roles in OCMS
Employer Directory
Manage Mentors
Manage Agency Teachers
Manage Tutors
Glossary and Reference Materials
NOC (National Occupational Classification) Codes
List of Regulated Professions in Canada
Red Seal Trades
Security and Agency Programs
Agency Program FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
Reporting and Client Counts
Service Form Questions

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