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Learn about finding existing clients including Client Profiles and Dashboards.

Start Here

Find Client/Activity link in the My Tasks menu of the sidebar.

Instructions and Definitions

There are (2) ways to 'Find a Client.' You can Find a Client using the Find Client/Activity link in the sidebar OR you can use Quick Client (in the top right corner of your screen) to search for your Client using different filter options.

Before you register a client and create a client profile, use one of the two Client search options to make sure this person hasn't already been entered into OCMS. This will help you avoid duplication and keep your statistics accurate.

Find Client/Activity

Click on the Find Client/Activity link in the My Tasks menu on the left.

If you select an option in client identifier you need to add the FOSS, Health Card, SIN or another id to access the correct client as this filter only works with the identifier number.

Finding a Client in OCMS

Once on the Client Search page, you can search for a client by entering the client name, telephone number or any of the options on the screen. The search results will provide a list of clients that meet your search criteria.

Leave all of these fields blank, click search and it will give you a list of all the clients in your agency.
You even find a client by typing in just the first letter of his/her first name or last name.

For a more advanced search you can click the "Contains" check box to search by the options listed below: 


  • Type the letters “le” in the first name column will bring up all names with "le" such as Elena, Alexander, Leona, Condoleezza, Leah, Madeleine etc

You can also search with additional options by clicking on the show/hide link. 

Once you have entered your search terms or if you are keeping the search fields blank, click on Search.

If search criteria are met, a list of names will appear in the table.  You can add/remove fields from this table by clicking on Add/Remove Columns.  A pop-up list will appear, you can drag and drop fields on the table to add/remove them.

A list of client names will appear in the table. If the client you are looking for is in this list, click Profile to open the Client Profile, or click on Dashboard to open the Client Dashboard and see their past Sessions and Settlement Plans.

After you are satisfied with the criteria in the table, you can export it to Excel format by clicking on Export. Click on Creating an Export Spreadsheet for Named Clients or Group Activities to learn how to add/hide fields and create an Export table in Excel.

Check all results pages listed at the bottom of the screen to search for your client.

If you still can't find your client you will need to register them.

If the fields are left blank, all client names in the database will be listed.

Quick Client

Click on the 'Quick Client' link to open up a pop-up window with search fields.  This option allows you to keep your current window open at the same time.


 Click on Quick Client to review how to use this search option.


Video Instructions

Finding a Client and Add/Remove Columns

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