Community Connections Form

The Community Connections (CC) form is created to promote interaction between newcomers and Canadians through cultural and/or career mentoring, networking, supporting language learning.

This Service is now included in the Community Connections (CC) Bulk Upload file if the funder is Settlement Program (iCARE).

Start Here

After you have created a Direct Service Session form and added a Client you will be able to fill out a Community Connections Form (CC).      

Instructions and Definitions

A Direct Service Session must be created first. Once you have completed the Session form you will be able to add Service forms to the Session.

A Community Connections Form must be added to the clients & forms section by clicking the Add Form link beside Form Name and find the Community Connections Form in the drop-down menu. The Community Connection Form (Interim) will remain for reporting purposes, please be sure to use the correct form.

If the Clients & Forms section is blank see Adding one or more Clients to a Session - Adding Multiple Clients to a Session Form.

*Please Note the Community Connections Interim Form will remain for PAST HISTORICAL reporting purposes ONLY*

The first time a form is displayed it will be in pink to indicate that it is incomplete. Click Edit to begin entering information in the form.

Form Overview

Follow the instructions below to fill out the Community Connections Form and register it to OCMS. All fields shaded in Green are mandatory to save the data to OCMS.

Each family member receiving Services in the same Session will be added as a client and will receive a separate Service form.

Note: You can now make any Service Form ‘private’, even within a Program. If the Form is designated as Private, only that staff person and Agency Coordinators can see the information.

Tasks and Referrals This section will be done at the end of the Community Connections Form if you select Yes to any of the Skills and Aptitude training on the form. The Tasks and Referrals section help you build a Settlement/Action Plan.

OCMS Requirements (the green fields)  

Agency Program: Click on the drop-down arrow and select the Program.

Service Funded By: Click on the drop-down arrow and choose the Funder.

Referred By: Click on the drop-down arrow and select how the Client found out about your Services.

iCare Program Type: Using the drop-down menu choose the program type you are funded for.

  • If your contribution agreement has Program types then chose the correct one for your service,
  • If your contribution agreement does not have Program types then chose Standard service

ICARE program type

Type of Service: Click on the drop-down arrow and select the type of service the client received

Main Topic/Focus of the Service Received: Click on the drop-down arrow and select the Main topic or focus of service.

Projected End Date: Add date if the course is ongoing if course ended today this field can be left blank

Status of Service: Did the service end early, is it ongoing or complete - We recommend when uploading to iCARE only add completed services

If you upload ongoing services to iCARE, then you need to close all these services directly in iCARE. The iCARE bulk upload does not allow editing of ongoing records that have been already uploaded. (The bulk uploads were created by iCARE).

Reason for Leaving Service: The service ended before anticipated, choose one only if participation has ended.

Essential Skills and Aptitude Training Received as Part of the Service: Click + under the Skills or Aptitude training you provided and select your answer from the drop-down menu. You only need to select the services you provided.

Agency Specific Questions: Answer all questions required by your agency.

Support Services Received

Record any support services that your agency provided so you could complete the service with your client.

Supporting Documents

Upload any Supporting Documents you may have. 

Save the Community Connections Form

Press Save at the top of the page to ensure all information is recorded.

Next Steps

Once you have completed filling in the necessary information, you can add any Tasks or Referrals provided during this session by pressing the Tasks and Referrals button.

Video Instructions

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