Technical Requirements

When using OCMS, please follow the same requirements as your funder suggests.


OCASI does not create any specific user policies, please follow your agency protocol.


Firewall - All computers handling personal client information must have up to date firewall software.



Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware - All computers handling personal client information must have anti-virus/antimalware software which must be kept up to date.




Web-Browser - Users must access OCMS and input personal client information using the latest version of web browsers available.



Password Protection and Lock - For added security, and to safeguard against unauthorized access, computers used for OCMS must have unique account credentials to access those computers (username and password).


OCMS Password - Each user should have a unique username and password. Employees should not disclose their passwords to anyone.  Please see the article Wrong and Forgotten Passwords for Password rules located in the OCMS Knowledgebase.


WI-FI - The use of Wi-Fi when inputting data into OCMS is acceptable if it is done using a trusted corporate or private Wi-Fi connection. A free public Wi-Fi connection, including free Wi-Fi at libraries, restaurant chains or any other free public Wi-Fi, should not be used to access the OCMS system.


 E-mail - Electronic mail (email) is an integral part of doing business today. Please ensure that personal client information is not shared on unsecured networks. The most secure approach is not to share personal client information through email. 


Internet speed

Below are the internet download and upload speed recommendations for OCMS

  • 60 Megabits per second - download speed.
  • 10 Megabits per second - upload speed.

To check your speed please use SpeedTest.Net


If you are unsure how to check any of the above requirements or have any technical problems with your computer, make sure to contact your technical staff at your agency.

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