Clients with No Visits Since Date

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Click on the My Reports link in the Reporting section of the sidebar to access the Clients with No visits Since Date.

This report provides information on all clients who have not received services within a specified time frame.

NOTE: This report is to be run by only Agency Administrators.


Filter Fields

Each report begins with a page of filtering options.  You must enter the NO Services Since (green field).  All other fields are optional.

If you want only clients who have not received Service by a certain funder you must select the funder. If you do not select a funder and leave this option Not-Set, OCMS will look at all clients that have not received any service with any funder since the date you chose. 

Agency: This field is already filled in with an Agency ID number. 

Agency Name:  This field is already filled in with the Agency name.

Service Funded By: Click on 'Select a Funder' to filter by funder. When a funder is selected, a code representing the funder will appear in the field.

Selecting a Funder:


No Services Since:  A Service Date can be selected from the drop-down menu. The service date refers to the date recorded on the session page, NOT on the form page.

  • Where to find the Service Date: The Service date is on the Session page. It can be found on the Create a Session or Maintain a Session page.

Once the filters are selected, you can select the format of the report.  Click 'Save As' to select a format.  The default is Adobe PDF. The report can also be printed.

When you are ready, click on 'Execute Report in Background' to run the report with the selected filters and in the selected format. If you need to start over, click on 'Clear' to clear all of the fields and start again.

Your request gets sent to the Report queue for processing when you press the 'Execute Report in Background' button. You don’t have to wait for the report to load. You can leave the report page, close the session, go to other OCMS pages, etc. The report will be processed even if you close your browser. Just make sure you wait for this signal in the top right:

Once you see this message your request is sent.

When your report is ready to be reviewed the grey "briefcase" on the far right corner will turn red:

When it is red, click on the icon and your “Briefcase” window will appear. This window contains download links and updates on your submissions.

How this report works

If you have chosen a funder name under Service Funded By  -  OCMS will only look at clients that have not had service in that timeframe with that funder.

This means a client may show up on the list if you have chosen iCARE as a funder,  but not show on the list if you have left the Service funded By field as Not-Set,  the client could have had services with another funder in that time frame.

See report examples below

With funder - Not -Set

With funder

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