NO DATA on your iCARE report

Understanding why you are getting NO DATA on your iCARE report.

Start by going to Find Session

  1. Choose the session type
    • Direct Service
    • Language Training
    • Information & Orientation Group Actvity
    • Community Connections Group Activity
  2. Choose the form type if needed (if you choose Direct Serice)
    • Information & Orientation Form
    • Needs Assessment Form
    • Employment Form
    • Community Connections Form
  3. Service Funded by - Choose Settlement Program (iCARE) - 0000001
  4. Choose the service dates you are going to run your Bulk Upload to and from

This will give you the number of services that should appear on your Bulk Upload

NOTE: If you are running the Community Connections Bulk Upload and Information & Orienation bulk upload you will get direct and group services in one file

TIP: When running your bulk uploads reports for Group activities please note that it will count as one service for each client that has been marked as attended in the activity

Now follow the instructions

To Create iCARE Bulk Upload Reports


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