Find Clients with "Quick Client"

Learn how to quickly find and start working with a client already entered into OCMS.

Start Here

The Quick Client link is at the top right corner of your screen.

Instructions and Definitions

Quick Client is used to find Clients (and Group Activities) that have been entered in OCMS quickly and easily.

You can enter any of the following to filter your list of Clients: Client #, Client Name (or Group Activity Name), Telephone number, Country of Origin and Client Type.

After you enter a filter item the screen will only show Clients that match the text you entered.

For a more advanced search you can click the Filter icon to search by the options listed below: 


  • Begins with: Type the letter “L” and all names starting with L appear.
  • Contains – Type “454” in the telephone column will bring up all phone numbers with 454 such as 905-454-0827.
  • Doesn’t Contain: Doesn’t contain a letter or number.
  • Ends With: Ends with “y” will show all names ending with a “y”.
  • Equals: Exact name or number only, spelling must be the same.
  • Doesn’t Equal: Any name or number not in OCMS.

Next Steps

Click Profile to open the Client Profile or Dashboard to open the Client Dashboard.

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