Step 1 - Requirements / What to Upload

Designate one or two people

The bulk upload is processed by assigned staff for the location(s) and program(s) assigned. There is a primary staff member and a backup staff member that are assigned to process bulk upload.

These people will be the main "UPLOADER" for each program or for the agency to avoid duplication and confusion.

What to Upload

    Only upload data that:


  • has not previously been uploaded
  • has not previously been entered into iCARE directly from their website
  • Bulk upload is to be completed on the 5th working day for the previous month(for example: upload for August is completed by the 5th working day of September)
  • All services are to be entered by staff for the previous month before bulk upload can be processed
  • Do not upload duplicate record of services provided

What can be uploaded to iCARE


  • Named client information (Bulk Upload - General - Client Information)

Direct Service

  • Information & Orientation (I/O) (Bulk Upload - General - Information and Orientation)
  • Needs Assessment and Referral (Bulk Upload - General - Needs Assessment and Referral Services)   
  • Community Connections (Bulk Upload - General - Community Connections)
  • Employment (Bulk Upload - General - Employment)
  • Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) (Bulk Upload - General - Resettlement Assistance Program)

Group Activities

  • Information & Orientation (I/O) (Bulk Upload - General - Information and Orientation)
  • Community Connections (Bulk Upload - General - Community Connections)
  • Employment(Bulk Upload - General - Employment)
  • Language Training (Bulk Upload - Language Training)


NOTE: When running bulk upload reports both Direct Service and Group Activities are ran together in one upload. (Information and Orientation, Community Connections or Employment)

Step required in OCMS for information to be included in the Upload File:


  1. YELLOW and MANDATORY FIELDS in both the Client Profile and Session Forms
  2. The Client identifier must be included in the Client Profile.  Check Client Identifiers if you are not sure what these are
  3. The Date of Birth (in the Client Profile) should be added
  4. The Preferred Official Language (in the Client Profile)
  5. The funder chosen for the session needs to be "Settlement Program (iCARE)"


If all of these are not added to OCMS your bulk upload will give errors, which must be fixed.

All errors MUST be fixed and a correct report with no errors listed must be run before the file can be uploaded to iCARE.


Next Steps

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