Step 3 - Running and Reading the Report / File

Running and Reading the Report / File

Once a report is run it will appear at the top of the grid.

Now you can check for Good and Bad records within your new report.

*All staff members can run this report and see the Good or Bad files from their services, however, they will not see the iCARE download file

Each row in the iCARE Bulk Upload file is a service provided within the dates you have chosen. All rows MUST contain specific data required by iCARE.

ONLY if you have the valid box checked for this report can you skip to step 5 ( link)

The number in the Bad column tells you how many of your records are missing data required in OCMS for iCARE.

  1. You will need to download the Errors Log File to see what information is missing iCARE-required data the best format to download this file is in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Open the corresponding error log in the Knowledgebase  (See below)
  3. All mistakes MUST be fixed in OCMS
  4. You will need to generate a new version of this report after all mistakes are fixed to ensure everything is valid, only then can you move on to Step 5 ( link) to upload your file to ICARE

Files should be marked as 'Valid' before downloading the iCARE file.  Valid means that all of the errors have been corrected and the files are ready to be uploaded into iCARE.

Downloading and reading your Error report

Each Bulk Upload report that you generate creates an iCARE file and an Errors file

Click on download under errors

Please make sure under open with it says Microsoft excel

Click OK
You may see a popup box like the one below

Click Yes

Depending on the Bulk upload report /file you choose will determine the information you receive in this file.

Click on the report you ran to start Step 4 and to see the error logs and how to fix them

Client Information
Needs assessment and Referral Services
Information and Orientation
Employment form
Community Connection
Language form


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