How to Upload OCMS Files to iCARE

How to Upload OCMS Files to iCARE

All clients are validated by the iCARE system by:

  • One of the three Client Identifiers (FOSS/GCMS, Minister's Permit or Temporary Resident Number, or the IMM5292, IMM5509 or IMM1000 Number)
  • the Date of Birth, located in the Client Profile

Please Note: If your organization has more than one IRCC Contribution Agreement, you must ensure that files are uploaded to the correct iCARE account.

STEP 1 - Download iCARE files (that are marked as Valid) from OCMS


STEP 2 - Open iCARE with your credentials

STEP  3 -Go to the Bulk Upload section

  • choose the file you would like to upload



STEP 4 - Select the file to upload to the service chosen above.  

  1. Click on the Browse button to locate your file on your desktop.
  2. Click Upload


All bulk upload files should be created on a monthly basis for the month service was provided with the exception of the client information report which can run many times.  We recommend that these files should be uploaded to iCARE within 5 business days of the following month.


Once a file has a Pending status it is in the database.

  • Do not re-submit it. If you submit the file again they will both be processed and a duplicate set of records will be created.
  • These duplicate records will have to be manually deleted. If you think a file has been in Pending status too long call the help desk. They will be able to tell you if there is a system problem and if you must take any action.

The Status of your file should say 'Processed' and all of the records should be 'Accepted'.  

If any records have errors, they will be rejected.  This means either the DOB or Client Identifier is incorrect and you will see a number in the 'Rejected' column.

To have your records Accepted by iCARE, you will need to download the Rejected file from iCARE and correct the error(s) in the rejected record(s) and save the file.  

In the iCARE rejected file, you will see error notes in column A:

  • [BUID:62957,RID:91670490,ORP:1/37,DTS:2015-04-13 13:18:22][XML:] (Client) Unable to validate against database. / (Client) Impossible de valider dans la base de données.)
  • [BUID:62957,RID:43432228,ORP:6/37,DTS:2015-04-13 13:18:23][XML:consent_ind, phone_no] (Profile) Telephone number has not been specified. / (Profil) Le numéro de téléphone n'a pas été indiqué.

You will need to delete the error notes before uploading the file to iCARE.

Next, upload the new file to iCARE. You must also correct the information in OCMS to avoid future Bulk Upload errors. 

Please note: Client Identifiers and Date of Birth, can only be validated by iCARE.  If all of your information was entered into OCMS correctly and the records are still being rejected, you will need to go into the records and correct the Client Identifier and/or Birthdate information.

Only the 'Rejected' record was processed again after it was corrected. Please ensure that you only upload the rejected file with the corrected information.  If the initial file is uploaded your stats will be duplicated. To review how to find and correct 'Rejected' records click on Fixing iCARE Bulk Upload Report Errors.

Note: If the Status for your file says 'Error' this means that none of the records were processed. If this occurs, please contact 


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