Needs Assessment Errors

Once you open the error file (see step 3) all of the Needs Assessments forms in the date range selected will be available. 

On the spreadsheet you will see:

  • Service Form Created by: this is the worker
  • Contact Info: this is the Worker's email address
  • Error Message:  this has the session number, form number and any errors that relate to that service form.


In the example below, there are two employees on the error file, Sofia, and Account, Work002 with a total of 4 service forms with errors. Each needs to be addressed either by you or the worker who created the file 



 Needs Assessment and Referral Services Errors and Explanations

Institution_ID is Empty - The option for online now says OnLine (non-Icare) . ICARE no longer accepts this as a service location; 

How to fix the errors

  1. Copy the Session Number
  2. Click on ‘Find Session’  from the side menu
  3. Enter the Session Number in the field: (in this example: 892040) click Search
  4. Click on Select to open the Session
  5. Correct the error(s) by filling in the missing fields and then click Save.


See below, the worker entered yes to the client is interested in finding work (it states if this question is answered you must answer the next three questions, however, question 3 was skipped)

The Third question must be answered for iCARE reporting.  Once you have answered the questions save and move on to the next session. 


Once you have gone into every session that was missing data and repaired all the errors, run the report again.

Keep running the report fixing your errors that appear until you get 0 in the Bad column.

When all the records are Good, a check mark will appear in the Valid column.

You can now move on to Step 5

Please note that all errors should be corrected before you upload your file to iCARE. 

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