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Roles in OCMS


There are three levels of users in OCMS 

  1.  Regular Users also are known as Program Worker:
  • Can ONLY see all forms and sessions in their Program.
  1. Managers of the Programs also are known as Program Manager:
  • Can ONLY see all forms and Sessions in their Program AND ONLY run reports in that Program AND ONLY manage the Assigned Users for that Program (meaning they can run reports for their staff and their programs).
  1. Agency Administrators also are known as Agency Admin:
  • Can “See All sessions” and forms, iCare, reports for all departments (meaning they can run reports for the agency). 
If a manager needs to do a bulk upload to iCare, the Interface Operator role can be added for this staff. 

If a staff member needs to see all forms and sessions across Agency, the Ability to See All Sessions role can be added to this staff member.

When your staff leaves your organization we recommend you open a ticket to deactivate staff.
  • You will not be able to run individual reports for any of your deactivated staff members but all their data will be included in all summary reports.
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