Copy Attendee form to all attendees

It is recommended for ICARE services that each client form be filled in, what can be done in OCMS is to complete one form and copy this form to all other clients.

To copy this form to all attendees

In the top of every group service form, you will see copy, save, save (close) and print
click 'Save' once the Group attendee form is completed and click on copy

 Once the pop-up box appears click OK

All Group Activity Attendee Forms will now be copied to all the attendees and you can make changes to any specific attendee at any time. Click 'Save (close) once you are done. 

The forms will appear as Green or Complete; however, the section below does not copy to all attendees for this you will now need to go to all attendees’ settings


Go to  all attendees’ settings

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