Register a New Client

Learn how to add a new client to the OCMS. 

Use the Find Client search page to see if your Client has a Profile on the system before you create a new Client Profile.

Start Here

From the sidebar, go to the My Tasks menu and click on Register New Client.

Instructions and Definitions

Client Type

Choose Named Client if you are recording detailed information about your Client. If not use the Anonymous Client Form.

An Anonymous Client Profile cannot be changed to a Named Client.  If changes are required a New Named client must be created.


Ensure your Client has read your agency's Privacy/Confidentiality Statement and that they understand their data is being recorded into the OCMS.  Click on  Yes from the drop-down menu to confirm that your Client has read and understood your agency's statement.

Form Overview

Follow the instructions below to fill out a Client Profile form and save it to the OCMS.

Colour-coded Fields

All fields shaded in Green are required by OCMS

All fields shaded in Yellow are required if this Client's information will be used for iCARE reporting.

About Your Client (Primary Information)

  • First Name: Client's First Name.
  • Last Name: Client's Last Name.
  • Gender: Select the Client's gender from the drop down menu.
  • Preferred Name: Add any other name the Client goes by.
  • Date of Birth:  Add the Client's date of birth (YYYY-MM-DD) or click on the drop-down menu and select the date.
  • Marital Status: Select one of Single, Common-Law, Married, Divorced,Separated, and Widowed.
  • Family Code: When entering a Client for the first time - Click New and the Family Code will automatically be generated. Click on Family Code for more information.
  • Preferred Official Language: This is required for CIC funded Clients, select an option from the drop down menu, English, French or Unknown/No Preference

Click on the drop down arrow button when entering dates to get a clickable calendar. The double arrows move back or forward by year and the single arrows move back and forward by month.

Immigration Related (Primary Information)

  • Landing Date (yyyy/mm/dd): If your Client has received Permanent Residence in Canada then select the year/month/day from the drop down calendar.  
  • Arrival Date (yyyy/mm/dd): The year, month and day the Client first entered Canada.
  • Re-Entry Date (yyyy/mm/dd): If the client left the country and came back add the re-entry year, month and day.
  • Agency: Filled in automatically.
  • Initial Destination: The location the Client was planning on locating to originally.
  • Country of Origin: Choose the country where the Client was born.
  • Last Residence: Choose the country that the Client had their most recent permanent residence.
  • Immigration Class: Select the Immigration class of the Client when they first entered Canada.
  • Immigration Status: Choose the Client's Immigration status for accessing services.
  • Aboriginal Status: Choose the Client's Aboriginal Status from the drop down menu if applicable.
  • Immigration Card Type:  Select the Immigration card type.


  • Consent for Future Research/Consultation. Choose Yes or No.

If the Client answer's Yes to Consent for Future Research: 

    • All contact information (yellow and green fields) must be provided

If the Client answer's No to Consent for Future Research:

    • Only the green field for the Postal Code needs to be provided.
  • Has the client's consent to be contacted by your agency been given and documented?Choose Yes or No.
  • For display purposes and advertising does the client consent to having his/her picture taken? Choose Yes or No.
  • Preferred Name: An alternate name that the Client is called.

Family Members

In this section, you will be able to see all connected Family Members.  You can add additional Family Members by clicking on 'Create New Family Member' available at the top of the page. Some fields will be pre-populated for another family member (such as Last Name, Landing Date, Arrival Date, Re-entry Date, Preferred Official Language, Country of Origin, Last Residence, Immigration Class, Contact Information, etc).

You can access Profiles and Dashboards for the Family Members from this table.


Identification Documents

  • Client Identifier:  Click the [+] sign and then use the drop down menu to choose what type of Identification is being used.
  • Identifier Value: Type in the identification number for the accepted ID
    • Click Update to save your information
    • Add additional Identifiers by clicking the [+] sign

You must have a valid Client Identifier for iCARE reports. OCMS cannot validate identifiers. Click on Client Identifier Descriptions to review iCARE specific Client Identifiers.  The system will alert you on Save if this is missing. You can save client without the client ID but you need it if reporting this client to iCARE for iCARE bulk uploads

To fulfill iCARE requirements, you should select at least one of the (3) identifiers listed below:

  • FOSS/GCMS Client ID
  • Temporary Resident, Minister's Permit Number
  • IMM5292, IMM5509, IMM1000 Number

If a client ID number is duplicated, the OCMS system will alert you with the potential duplicate identities:


Client History Prior to OCMS

This section only applies to Clients who have visited your Agency before the start of OCMS. Only change the status to Returning if it applies to the Program you work for.  

Please note: If the Client is new to the Agency then you do NOT have to touch this section.  The system will count all Services accordingly.

  • Date of First Agency Visit in Program: Enter the date the client first came to your agency from the drop down menu.
  • New/Repeat Status of Client in Agency Prior to OCMS: You can leave this field as it is.  If your Client is returning for a specific Program it will automatically change to Returning for the Agency after you select 'Returning Client' for your Program in the Agency Program Table.
  • Agency Program Table
    • Click Edit beside the Program that the Client came for and select 'Returning Client' from the drop down menu and then click Update to save it.  


About Your Client (Contact Information)

Only email or phone number are mandatory for iCARE

  • Email*: Add your client's email address (this allows you to send notifications via email directly through OCMS to the client).
  • Telephone Number*: Enter the client's phone number.
  • Telephone (ALT 1) / (ALT 2)*: If the client has more than one telephone number add them here.
  • Street Number: Type the client's street number.
  • Street Name: Type the clients street name.
  • Type: Choose the type of street, road, circle, etc...
  • Direction: Choose the direction, North, South, East or West
  • City: Add the client's current city.
  • Province: Client's current province.
  • Country: Choose the =Country the client lives in
  • Postal Code:  Clients current postal code. (required by OCMS)

Safe to contact check box has been added to the Email and Telephone Number fields.  Please confirm with the client that the contact information provided is safe to use if necessary.  If it is confirmed as safe, click on the check box to add a check-mark.

Employment Related

  • Employment Status: Choose the client's employment status.
  • Current Profession: If you know the client's current profession, click Find to obtain a NOC code.
  • Desired Profession: If you know the client's desired profession, click Find to obtain a NOC code.
  • Professional Background: Add a note about the client's professional background.
  • Education level: Select the client's education level.
  • Academic Certificates: Use the [+] sign to add Certificates.  Type in the Institution Name, Year and, select the Country from the drop down menu. Click Update to save.
    • To add additional certification(s) click the [+] sign

Client Language Related

  • Education: select an employment status from the drop down menu
    • Add a current NOC profession by clicking Find...
    • Add a desired NOC profession by clicking Find...
    • Add any Professional Background Notes if needed
  • Language: Click the [+] sign, use the drop down menu to enter the language your client speaks.
    • Repeat this process to add more languages
    • Add any comments that will be helpful in future sessions (Comments cannot be added after clicking update)
    • Click Update to save your information.
    • Client skill level can be included here by clicking Edit next to the skill and selecting the CLB level from the drop down menu.

Housing Status

Select a housing status from the drop down menu.

Sensitive Information

  • The information collected here is more sensitive than most that is collected and it is password protected to prevent casual viewing.
  • Each time you leave the page you must re-enter the password.
  • The password is your login password.  Only unlock this information if you have been granted access.  The system keeps track of logins and if you are not granted access your manager will contact you.
  • The four tabs included in this area are Health Insurance Status, Illnesses, Self-Identity, Family Income



  • Volunteer Status: active or inactive
  • Primary Volunteer Stream: adult or youth
  • Volunteer Type: Experienced Canadian or Newcomer
  • Select the Agency Program that the client volunteers with, click Edit to add a Volunteer status to the Agency Program and click Update to save it.

Emergency Contact & Consent

  • Consent Required: Does the client require consent for services (are they a "minor")?
  • If "yes", there are three tabs to fill in.
    • Guardian
    • Person Giving Consent
    • Emergency Contact
      • Name: Type in the full name of the person giving consent.
      • Relationship: Choose the client's relationship (mother, father, sister, brother, friend etc).
      • Telephone: Enter the contact's phone number.
      • Email: Add the contact's email address.
  • If the client has  Children between the categories of Infant and School Age, enter them here.  Type in their name(s) and select the Age Group from the drop down menu.

Learned About Your Agency

  • Learned about Program: Click on the [+] to select how your client learned about your agency. Add all that apply.
    • To add more than one option click the [+]
    • Click Update to save your information

Registration Summary

  • Primary Worker: Choose the worker name from the drop down menu.
  • Registration Date: Choose the initial intake date for this client. The default is the current date. This date does not change. We have locked the ability to edit the client’s registration date. Only Agency Coordinators and the person who created the Profile can change the Registration date.
  • Registration Site: Choose the registration site by pressing the "Find" button  The default is the current location.
    • Type in the name of the location and click Filter (enter does not work)
    • OR Click on the [+] sign beside “ Non-schools or Reception Centres to see all locations
    • Once you find the location click Select Site
  • Site Name: Filled in automatically when you choose the registration site. (Make sure the site name is correct)
  • Comments: Add any additional comments about the client. These comments are searchable in Find a Client or Group Activity in my Agency. Any comments added here are to be about the client only; everyone in your agency can see these comments.

Register or Clear

Click Register to register the new client. Clear will empty the Client Profile and you will need to re-enter all your information!

To get all the client's notes and services please choose "Client History" from the drop down menu and click the "execute" button.

To get client's mentor/tutor history please choose "Client Mentor/Tutor History" from the drop down menu and click the "execute" button.

To get your client's card please choose "OCMS Client Card" from the drop down menu and click the "execute" button.

To get your client's Registration Report please choose "Settlement Program Registration Receipt" from the drop down menu and click the "execute" button.

Next Steps

If everything is filled out correctly – the Registration Wizard Screen appears and you now have the following information and options:

  1. Family Members: If you have added a family code to the client, the client name and a client number will be filled in automatically.
  2. Save as: Choose the format to save or print it in (OCMS defaults to Adobe PDF).
  3. Print In: Print the client profile in English.
  4. Print the Registration Receipt: Print the client profile in the format you chose.
  5. Register Another Client: This option appears if a family code was not added to the client.  When there is more than one client in the room you can go back and add all of the other clients.
  6. Register Another Family Member: This option appears when a Family Code was added to the client. Add all of the other family members. All Family related information is filled in automatically, make changes or additions depending on family information.
  7. Begin Session with Client: Click here to begin a Session with the client.

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