All Attendee Settings

It is recommended for ICARE services that each client form be filled in, what can be done in OCMS is to select the all attendee settings button. 

This can be done for all Group Service Forms - this does work differently for employment group forms as the attendee form must be filled in first. for this form only

In the top right corner of above the clients you have added to the group session you will see All Attendee Settings

NOTE: for all attendees to work properly on any session type, the main form needs to be completed so the partner can be picked up.



This area must be filled in for all of your attendees, by clicking the all attendee settings button above it will open this area.



Service funded by: Click Select a Funder and choose the funder this service is covered under.

Referred By: Using the drop-down menu, choose how the client was referred to your agency.

Client Attended: This box must be checked if the client attended the session or this client will not be counted in the reports

Volunteer Time:  If there was volunteer time with this activity mark it here.

Status of Service:  What is the status of service? Service ended early, Ongoing or Complete
(if you are uploading to iCARE, our bulk upload file does not allow to update records if a service is ongoing.)


Save settings, once you have clicked on save settings all the client service forms will be marked completed.