Placing a ticket on OCMS

There are two ways to place a support ticket

1.    Go to the training tab and click on knowledge base and open the OCMS knowledgebase
2.    Go  directly to the OCMS support page  



Priority:  High, Medium, low  (High priority means the OCMS system is down or you are unable to work)

Support Category:  Please choose one from the dropdown

Subject:  Please try to give us an idea of what you need from here.
(Examples:  New user, system problems, too slow, cannot connect, problem with reports, unable to find report error)

Message:  Please put as much information as you can.

Try to use this as a template for placing a system problem or receiving an error.

  1. What browser are you using?
  2. Did you try in another browser?
  3. What is your operating system?
  4. What happened? 
  5. What were you trying to do before this happened?
  6. Was there a pop-up screen with an error?  What was the error?
  7. Did you try a second time?
  8. Are you able to take a screenshot and attach it? See how to do this below
  9. Have you been able to do this before or is it the first time?


How to take a screenshot and add it to the ticket system

There are a few ways this can be done, click on this link for a few options of how this can be done

Once you have the screenshot save it on your computer and click on Choose File beside Attachments

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