Manage Agency Questions - Editing Questions

Adding or Removing Mandatory setting from Agency questions

Click on the “Manage Agency Questions” link in the My Tasks menu section.

The page that loads have all of your Questions in the top table and the forms they are assigned to in the bottom table. To change the mandatory settings for an agency question, you will need to know all the forms the question has been added to.

Go to “Configure Question Assignment to forms”

Select form to configure if you do not know what form the question is on you will need to go through each of the drop downs until you find your question

Once you have located the question you wish to change click edit.

Check or uncheck the boxes as you want the question to appear in the form

Active: Check to have this question to appear on the Form.
Required: Check to force staff to answer this question before the Form can be submitted.
Default Value: You can choose which answer is already selected when the page loads.
Order: You can set the order by which questions appear. 0 is always the top.
Data Collected:  Data collected will show if data was already collected for this question. This cannot be changed by the user.

After you have added your settings you click on Update.


To Remove or delete a question

Please read Manage Agency Questions - Removing Questions






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