Manage Agency Questions - Removing Questions

Removing Agency questions

Click on the “Manage Agency Questions” link in the My Tasks menu section.

The page that loads have all of your Questions in the top table (Add/Modify or Delete Agency Specific Questions) and the forms they are assigned to in the bottom table (Configure Question Assignment to forms).



Before removing any agency question you must:

  1. Know the form the question is on (example ..Information  & Orientation or Client profile)
  2. Know if the data is collected on this question in your forms

1. Open your form

Example the Information & Orientation form, go down to your agency specific questions.


The question I wish to remove is Does the client participate in the Growing Plants Program?  This is the question in my Information & Orientation form, you can see it is also marked as mandatory.

2. Once you know the form it is on

Go to Manage Agency Questions and down to Configure Question Assignment to forms use the drop down beside  Select form to Configure and find the form.



3. Now you have the form, Select form to configure

Look through the list of questions for the question you wish to remove, be sure to check all pages.

When you find your question.  Look closely

Look under Data Collected (the last column to the right)and make sure that there is no check mark (See red box)



  1. If you see check marks this means that Data is being collected on your forms and the question cannot be deleted. 
  • It can be de-activated by clicking edit and unchecking the check mark under Active (see the purple box)  Once this is unchecked, click Update you will no longer see the question in your form and no data will be collected. (image2)




  1. If there are no check marks under Data collected (See Yellow Box) then you can delete the question with no issues.



Add/Modify or Delete Agency Specific Questions Section

If you do not check Configure Question Assignment to forms to see if data is collected, and decide to delete directly from this area. (This can only be fixed by an administrator.)

This is what will happen

If you just go to the question in add/Modify or Delete Agency Specific Questions section at the top of the form (marked in green on the 1st picture on the top of this article)



Click the plus sign beside your question and then click delete.



Data was being collected the question you deleted so it is now a bunch of letters and numbers, this has not really been removed



If we look in the Information & Orientation form where the question should be, we also see a bunch of letters and numbers.  No one will be able to complete this form and there will be many issues.

This can only be fixed by an administrator.



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