Manage Agency Programs - adding/removing staff

Adding/Removing Staff in an Agency Program

Every staff member needs to be attached to at least one Agency Program. 

Therefore, you will need to create at least one Agency Program. It can cover your whole Agency or be specific to a team, location, funding stream, etc. The concept is flexible but the end result is the same -any staff not assigned to the Agency Program will not be able to see Service Forms created by that Agency Program staff

Go to Manage Agency Programs

Find the program you want to add the staff to and click edit

Scroll down, add staff in the User Assignment area.

Manage Users

To add a staff member to the Program click on the [+] sign and select the worker from the drop down menu. Click on Update to save, each program should be saved after all changes

You can make one of the Program staff a "Manager". This extra role allows the member to add/edit other members assigned to this Program. A Manager can also run reports and filter by Program.

Make a staff manager of program

Staff can belong to multiple Agency Programs.

Remember, if staff are not assigned to a Program, they will not be able to see information on Services entered by staff in that Program.  It will say Restricted.


Agency Security

Removing Staff

Go to the program,click edit

Find the staff member and click delete and remove the user from the program.

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