Register an Anonymous Client

Learn about entering and finding information when you don't want to record the client's name

Start Here

From the My Tasks menu select Register New Client/Activity.

Instructions and Definitions

An Anonymous Client is a person seeking information, orientation or referral services and does not want to provide you (or you doesn't want to record) detailed personal information such as first and last name. In cases like this, OCMS will create an Anonymous Client profile where Sessions are not tracked and the (limited) Client Profile is not easily searchable.

Anonymous Clients are considered New Clients each time a session is created and/or a service is provided.

An Anonymous Client Profile cannot be changed to a Named Client.  If changes are required a New Named client must be created. Services cannot be transferred

Form Overview

Follow the instructions below to fill out an Anonymous Client Profile form and save it to OCMS.

All fields shaded in Green are required.

  • Agency: This is filled in automatically.
  • Client Name: This will always be anonymous client.
  • Gender: Enter the client’s gender.
  • Arrival Year: Choose the year the client arrived in Canada (most likely Unknown).
  • Immigration Status: Select the status of the client (most likely Unknown).
  • Postal Code: Enter the client postal code.
  • Registration Date: Use the date menu and choose the date you met the client. (This date does not change)
  • Registration Site: Choose the registration site by pressing the "Find" button 
    • Type in the name of the location and click Filter (enter does not work)
    • OR Click on the [+] sign beside “ Non-schools or Reception Centres to see all locations
    • Once you find the location click Select Site
  • Site Name: Filled in automatically when you choose the registration site. (Make sure the site name is correct)
  • Comments: Add any additional comments about the client. These comments are searchable in Find a Client or Group Activity in my Agency. Any comments added here are to be about the client only; everyone in your agency can see these comments.
  • Register or Clear: Click Register to register the new client. If you click on Clear it will clear the client profile and you will need to re-enter all of your information.

Next Steps

If everything is filled out correctly – the Registration Wizard Screen appears

  • Save as: To save or print the Client Profile choose the format you would like to save or print it in
  • Print in: Choose to print the client profile in English.
  • Print the Registration Receipt: This will print the Client Profile in the format you have chosen.
  • Register Another Client: If there is more than one client in the room with you then you can go back and add all of the other clients.
  • Begin Session with Client: When you begin your Session with the client, if you choose this option, the Client Profile information will be filled in automatically.

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