Why Place a Ticket on the Online Support Ticket System?

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, a couple years ago we began to utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. You can check the status of previously opened ticket. We provide archives and history of all your support requests complete with responses.

The support ticket system is a powerful and effective way of receiving support directly from the knowledgeable OCMS Staff. The ticket system is available for all clients to use and can be accessed using the link below:


After the ticket has been submitted, it awaits a reply from a staff member. Once the ticket is solved, a staff member will mark the ticket as resolved.

Tickets are answered in the order they are received.

Support Ticket Guidelines

* Please open only one ticket for the same issue. You can access active tickets by clicking the link in the last automated notification response you received.

* Please limit each ticket to a single issue. Open a new ticket for new problems or questions.

* Please choose a descriptive subject for your ticket; otherwise, our support staff may modify the subject to reflect more appropriate subject.

* Support response time is currently within 24 hours. However, in almost all cases, it rarely takes that long and we are able to respond in far less time, depending on volume and staff availability. Subsequent response time for an open ticket will vary for the same reasons, as well as being dependent on the complexity of the issue we are assisting you with resolving.

Why Use a Support Ticket System?

Due to the nature of our business, we offer support via the online support ticket system. This allows us to resolve issues more efficiently, as it is much quicker to have someone copy / paste their URL to receive assistance with a specific issue, page or website.  It also allows for archiving the issues and solutions and allows for quick easy look at the history of the domain(s) and all other pertinent settings and info.

Email and phone are not preferred methods of communication for updates for many reasons.

Why Not E-mail

We receive hundreds of emails a day, most of which are SPAM. SPAM filters eliminate much of the junk before reaching our inbox, but in doing so also remove some non SPAM emails. If you sent us an email and we did not respond, most likely we never even saw your email, as it was filtered out with the SPAM.

Why Not Phone

We are available by phone, however for support we require you submit a support ticket first, you may then call to explain /clarify the ticket you submitted.

Phone support requires an interruption in previously scheduled work, often resulting in slowing the entire support system down. Phone communication may also require waiting on the line, lost calls (starting all over again), dropped calls, bad reception, misunderstood URLs or web addresses. Phone calls can not be shared with colleagues, allowing other team members input or feedback.

We are lucky to have an online support ticket system that works incredibly efficient.

Simply, our support ticket system is the best way to handle the type and volume or support requests we receive daily. Please use it!  Help us to help you.

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