Demo Site - Test Case #1 - Direct Service

I met a brand new client today, who provided me with all necessary client information. I need to open a new profile and add a information & orientation service


Go To Find Client/Activity, if no client, create a new named client profile and add an Information & Orientation Service Form


Steps to do this.

1 Click Find Client/Activity in My Tasks menu
2 Client Type choose Named Client
3 Enter the client’s last name, Search.(any name you choose)
4 Look for the client in the listing be sure to check all pages
5 Once you are sure client is not there, go to the My Tasks menu and Click Register New Client
6 Choose Named Client from main registration wizard
7 Using the drop down on the Privacy Statement choose Yes.
8 Enter as much information as you can about the client.  Be sure all Green areas are filled in and all Yellow fields if this is an "ICARE funded client."
9 Click New next to Family Code or Find if a family member has been to your agency before (a person will only show in this list if they have a family code)
10 Click [+ sign] beside Client Identifier Choose the identifier type in the identifier number. Click Update.
11 Client History Prior to OCMS – click edit if the client came to your agency before, you started using OCMS
12 Enter any personal information such as email or phone numbers
13 Answer all the Agency Specific Questions.
14 Emergency Contact & Consent – these tabs are mainly only used if the client is a youth. (You do not need to add these now)
15 Click [+ sign] beside Children and add the children's  information if you are not intending on adding a client profile for them click Update.
16 Type in the Registration Date - the day you met the client.
17 Registration Site click My Agency office and Click 'Select Site' at the bottom of the screen.
18 Add any comments
19 Register
20 Begin Session with the Client
21 Session type Direct Service
22 Service Date, use today’s date
23 Choose site click Find, choose My Agency Office Click 'Select Site' at the bottom of the screen
24 Delivery Method  - your choice does not matter.
25 Type of Institution / Organization Where Client(s) Received services - your choice does not matter
26 Interpreter present - your choice does not matter, if you say yes add a number below.
27 Total service time (in hours and minutes)
28 Delivery Language if the delivery language was not English remove, Remove item OK, click Add Language type in the language you spoke to the client.  Choose the language click Update.
29 Session Notes- type in the service you provided.
30 Save Session
31 Clients & Forms click {+ sign}  to see the Information & Orientation Form now click edit to edit the form
32 Service End date default is today -  leave today's date
33 Form is private - do not check
34 Agency Program - this is the program you work for (in demo site choose anything is ok)
35 Service Funded By - Select a Funder that relates to this service
36 Referred By- choose where the client was referred from.
37 Topics Covered in Orientation click edit choose all options that apply (make sure to click update)
38 Fill in all other areas that apply
39 Comments leave this area blank
40 Agency specific questions - make sure you answer all mandatory questions
41 Client Support Service - leave this area blank as client did not require any support services for this Service
42 No tasks or referrals were done for this service,
43 Click Save and close to complete this service

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