Demo Site - Test Case #2 - Group Service

I held a group session and I need to add clients and enter the service. (Information and Orientation Group)


Find Client/Activity in my Agency check all clients are entered. Then Find Client/Activity group name, start group session


Steps to do this.

1 Click Find Client/Activity in My Tasks menu
2 Client Type choose Named Client
3 Enter the client’s last name, Search. (do this for all the clients attending your session)
4 Look for the client in the listing be sure to check all pages
5 Go back to Find Client/Activity
6 Change Client type to Group Activity
7 Type in the activity name or leave blank and click search.
8 Find the group activity name click profile
9 Click Work with the group activity (for Named Clients only)
10 Session Type Group - Information & Orientation
11 Service Date, use today’s date
12 Choose site click Find, choose My Agency Office Click 'Select Site' at the bottom of the screen
13 Delivery Method  - In Person.
14 Type of Institution / Organization Where Client(s) Received services - your choice does not matter
15 Interpreter present - your choice does not matter, if you say yes add a number below.
16 Total service time (in hours and minutes)
17 Delivery Language if the delivery language was not English remove, Remove item OK, click Add Language type in the language you spoke to the client.  Choose the language click Update.
18 Staff Involved - You can add another staff member here, (only the primary worker should enter the session).
19 Session Notes- type in the service you provided.
20 Save Session
21 Attendees click Add
23 Enter the client’s last name or leave this blank, Find. (do this for all the clients attending your session)
24 Once you find your client click the box beside His/her name (you can do this for more than one client and click Add Client(s) to group activity.
25 Go up to Clients & Forms click {+ sign}  to see the Information & Orientation Form (group Activity) now click edit to edit the form
26 Service End date default is today -  leave today's date
27 Agency Program - this is the program you work for (in demo site choose anything is OK)
28 Directed at specific Target group(s) click edit choose all options that apply (make sure to click update)
29 Fill in all other areas that apply
30 Comments leave this area blank
31 Click Save and close to complete this service
32 Click All Attendee Settings button
33 Service Funded By - Select a Funder that relates to this service
34 Referred By- choose where the client was referred from.
35 Client Attended - click the check box (clients will not appear in your reports if you skip this part)
36 Your session is now completed and you can return to the home page