Reports with Extended Parameters for Custom Reporting

This is a list of all the reports with the option of extended parameters:

Overview Reports

  • All Services Totals (New)
  • All Client Totals Based on Client Profile
  • All Client Totals Based on Client Profile (Training based on Enrollment)
  • Custom Agency Questions by Form Type
  • All Services Totals By Staff Involved 

Direct Service Reports

  • All Direct Services
  • Refugee Service Form Overview
  • Needs Assessment Service Form Overview
  • Information & Orientation Service Form Overview
  • Employment Service Form Overview
  • Tasks & Referrals
  • Job Development Needs Assessment Service Form Overview
  • Community Connections Form Overview


  • Client Registrations by Worker
  • New/Returning Clients
  • Client Contact List
  • Settlement Plans / Tasks and Referrals
  • By Location
  • Support Services
  • Missing Client Data Report
  • Client Emergency Contacts
  • Visits Report

Additional filter options can be selected by clicking on 'show/hide'. The additional options correspond to the client profile fields. To filter by one of the additional options, first uncheck 'All' and then check the category to filter by. For more information on the Client Profile and its fields please click on Register a New Client.  The additional options are:

  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Arrival Date
  • Landing Date
  • Postal Code
  • Marital Status
  • Immigration Card Type
  • Immigration Status
  • Immigration Class
  • Language Spoken
  • Country of Origin
  • Last Residence

When calculating age OCMS goes by current date vs birth date.




To filter by a specific additional option, uncheck the "All" box and then check the box beside the option you wish to filter by. 




Once the filters are selected, you can select the format of the report.  Click 'Save As' to select a format.  The default is Adobe PDF. The report can also be printed.When you are ready, click on 'Execute Report in Background' to run the report with the selected filters and in the selected format. If you need to start over, click on 'Clear' to clear all of the fields and start again.Your request gets sent to the Report queue for processing when you press the 'Execute Report in Background' button. You don’t have to wait for the report to load. You can leave the report page, close the session, go to other OCMS pages, etc. The report will be processed even if you close your browser. Just make sure you wait for this signal in the top right:



Once you see this message your request is sent.When your report is ready to be reviewed a grey "briefcase" on the far right corner will turn red:



When it is red, click on the icon and your “Briefcase” window will appear. This window contains download links and updates on your submissions.  The first page or top half of every report contains the 'Report Parameters'.  This shows you all of the filtering options and includes any information you selected to filter with prior to running the report.The bottom half or additional pages display the results according to the filtering options selected,  The report can be executed (or run) and the filtering options selected can be changed as many times as needed.



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