Create a Session

The Session form is the folder that holds all of the client interaction details including logistics and Service forms.

Instructions and Definitions

You will create a new Session every time you provide one or more Services to a Client (i.e. during a one-to-one meeting, language training activity or an I/O or C/C Group Activity workshop). Direct and Group Activity Sessions can be in person, on the phone, by email or online.

A Session is complete when the Service form that is attached to the Session has been completed (is highlighted in green).

Sessions hold the information about the when/where/who of the Services you provide. Think of them as the folder that holds the logistics and details of your activities. 

Beginning a Session

Sessions can be started in different ways:

  • From the Side Menu by clicking on the 'Begin New Session' link. 
  • Find Client or Group Activity using the 'Find Client/Activity' link in the Side Menu (this is for Named Clients and Activities only).  To review how to do this, click on Find an existing Group Activity name.
  • From the Client Profile (Named or Anonymous) click on 'Begin Session with Client' 
  • From the Client Dashboard click on 'Start Session'

If a Client Name is not listed, a new Client Profile will have to be created.  Click on Register a New Client to review how to create a Client Profile. If the Group Activity is not listed contact your Coordinator/Manager.

When you choose an option to begin a Direct Service, Language Training or Group Activity Session (Named, Anonymous, Information & Orientation or Community Connections), you will automatically be taken to the Create a Session - 'New Session for a Client' page. 

All Green fields must have an answer in them to save the Session and continue.

Form Overview

Gray Fields

These fields are already filled in by your Agency. You cannot enter or change any information here.

  • Agency: This is the Agency you work for. 

  • Created By: This is your User ID on the OCMS.  This ID is also found in your user Profile.  Click on 'My Profile' from the side menu and just below the Agency field you will see 'User'.

Green Fields

  • Session Type: From the drop down menu, select the type of Session. To learn more click on  Types of Sessions.

  • Service Date: Click on the drop down arrow to select the date that the Service was provided from the calendar.  It is automatically set to the current date.

  • Site: Click on the 'Find...' button to select the Site where the Service was provided. In the Green field you will see a Site code for the Site selected and the name of the Site will automatically be filled in below in the Site Name field.

    • When you click on 'Find...' there is an option to filter your information by typing in the location in the box and clicking on the 'Filter' button.
  • Postal Code: This is mandatory for all IRCC funded clients.  Make sure this is added or your service will not go to your bulk uploads meaning your service will be rejected by iCARE. (Please provide the postal code of the SPO who is providing online service. Do not enter the client’s postal code in this field.)
  • Delivery Method: How was the Service provided? (Select all methods provided)

    • In person: Service provided in person by the staff or other representative of the SPO (employee, volunteer, partner, etc.). Services can be provided in variety of locations.

    • Telephone call/text/email: A service provided over the telephone, through a text, or over email. (Note: A service delivered through email is NOT considered an online service and should be included here.)

    • Staff-led Online Service: A service provided through a web based platform/application (e.g. Zoom, Skype, WebEx, WhatsApp, online instant messaging, etc.) that is accessed on a computer/laptop, mobile phone or tablet with participation of a representative of the service provider (employee, volunteer, partner). (Note: A service delivered through email is NOT considered an online service.)

    • Self-directed Online Service: A service provided through a web based platform/application (e.g. an information section of the SPO website) that is accessed on a computer/laptop, podcast, mobile phone or tablet without participation of a teacher or staff member at service provider.

    • Self-directed via Correspondence: A service provided through a print or other type of materials provided to client by SPO which do not require internet to access (i.e. CDs, books, information pamphlets, memory sticks).

  • Type of Service Location: From the drop down menu, select where the Client(s) received Services.

  • Interpreter Present: If there was an interpreter at the Session, someone other than yourself and the Client, then select 'Yes' from the drop down menu. 

    • If there was an Interpreter Present then type in the number of Interpreters that were present in the field 'Interpreters (#)'

  • Service Time: How long did it take to provide the Service to the Client?  Enter the number in hours and/or minutes in the fields provided. The '0' will be replaced with the number typed in.

    • If there are additional Clients at the Session (i.e. Family members, friends) and Services were provided to them, enter the total time for the Session
  • Delivery Language: What language did you provide the Service in?  Click on 'Add Language' and then select the Language that you spoke in from the drop down menu.  Click 'Update' to save your selection.  
  • Staff Involved: Your name is automatically filled in here as the default.  If you are not the worker then click on 'Add Worker' and from the drop down menu select the Worker and click on 'Update' to save your selection.  Click on 'Remove' to remove your name.
    • All staff listed here will be able to see this Session form on the OCMS User Dashboard.  If it is a Group Activity, all staff listed here will receive the same information.
    • You can add additional staff to this area for Group Activities only.

    If there are 'Session Notes' to add to this page, type them in the box provided. 

    Save the Session Form

    Once the Session form is completed, select Save Session.

    Session Types

    Sessions can be Direct Service, Language Training or Group Activity types.  Click on Types of Sessions to review the different Session types.

    Direct Service Sessions

    Adding a Client to a new Session

    After you click Save Session, a new page will appear where you can Add Clients and Service Forms. This is the Edit a Client Session page.  You will see the fields from the Begin a Session page already filled in.  

    Below 'Service Time' is a section called 'Clients and Forms'.  Click 'Add' to add your Client to the form. Click on Adding Clients to a Session to review how to add Clients to Session forms.

    Please note: the Client MUST be registered in the OCMS before you add them to a Session. If it is a new Client, you will have to go back and click Register New Client and create a Client Profile

    Adding a Service Form to a Client in a new Session

    Once the Client has been added to the Session Form, a Service form can be added to the Client. Click on the [+] to begin adding a Service form. Click on Adding Service Forms to a Session, to review how to  add a Service form to a Client.

    Please note: Only one of each Service form is allowed per Session. For example, if more than one Employment form is required then an additional Session must be created for each additional Employment form. Additional Sessions can be duplicated by clicking 'Copy Session'.

    Please remember: Service Forms MUST be completed for the Session to be complete. If the Service Form is NOT completed, the Session will NOT be counted on your report.  Sessions with incomplete Service forms appear in the 'My Incomplete Sessions' tab on the OCMS User Dashboard on the homepage.

    When a Service Form is complete it is highlighted in green.


    I/O and C/C Group Activity Sessions (Named)

    Select Information & Orientation (I/O) or Community Connections (C/C) Group Activity from the Session Type menu. Continue to fill in the Green fields and type in any Session Notes if applicable and then click Save Session.

    Adding a Group Activity to a Session

    After you click Save Session, a new page will appear where you can Add Group Activity and Attendees. This is the Maintain a Session - Edit a Client Session page.  You will see the fields from the Begin a Session page already filled in.

    Below 'Service Time' is a section called 'Group Activity'  Click 'Add' to add your Group Activity to the form. To review, click on Adding a Group Activity to a Session .

    Once a Group Activity is added to the Session, you can fill in the Group Activity Information and Orientation Service form for Named Clients.  Click on the [+] to display the form.  Click on Group Activity Service Form - Named Clients to review how to fill in this form.

    Adding Attendees to a Group Activity Session

    Once the Group Activity  has been added to the Session Form, Attendees can be added. Click 'Add' to select the Attendee names for your Group Activity Session. Click on Adding Clients to a Group Activity to review how to  add Attendees to a Group Activity Session.

    Each Attendee has a Group Activity Attendee Form attached to them.  Click on 'Expand all rows' to reveal the Attendee Forms.  Click on Group Attendee Form - Named Clients to review how to complete the Group Activity Attendee Form.

    Please Remember: ALL Forms for the Group Activity Session MUST be COMPLETED for the Session to be complete. If the any of the Forms are NOT completed, the Group Activity Session will NOT be counted on your report. Sessions with incomplete Service forms appear in the 'My Incomplete Sessions' tab on the OCMS User Dashboard on the homepage.

    Next Steps

    Video Instructions

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