Delete Client UID

The Delete ID tool is processed by the agency admins only. This operation is permanent and can’t be undone.

This tool will allow you to remove client identifiers from your clients if they are not getting services after the certain date. Please refer to your contribution agreement with IRCC if you need to use this tool.

You can choose just one or two or all identifiers to be removed. 

Please note that the deletion can only be done agency-wide, no matter who was the funder of the service, without considering the status of the session (complete or incomplete).


We recommend that you start by removing IDs from the clients that didn't get services for example during last 6 years, than since 2016, 2017 etc, year by year


Go to Tools and click on Delete Client UID


Once your screen is open, uncheck - All - and choose the client identifier(s) you need removed.  Choose the service end date; this would be the last service provided to the client, not any services since the chosen date.


Click Preview - this provides a look at all the clients the identifier will be removed and what identifier that is.


Please make sure this is what you want as there is no going back. If the preview looks correct then click Execute.


You will have one more chance to change your mind if you are sure click OK



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