Adding Clients to a Session

Learn about adding one or more clients to a Session form.

Start Here

Click on the Begin New Session link in the My Tasks menu of the sidebar and complete the Session form.

Instructions and Definitions

Make sure you have completed a Client Profile for all of the Clients that have received Services during the Session you want to record.

Only Clients with Client Profiles can be included in a Session Form.

Each Session includes at least one Client with a Service Form attached. 

Each family member receiving Services in the same Session will be added as a Client and will receive a separate Service form.

Service Forms can be copied for additional Clients.  To review how to do this, click on Copy a Service Form

To add multiple clients to a single Session, they have to be in the same Session together (i.e. two family members in the same room at the same time). If Family Member #1 did not come at the same time as Family Member #2, then only the one attending will be included on the Session form.

When adding additional Clients to a Direct Service Form, use the total time required to deliver Services to all Clients in the Session, when entering the Service time.

Adding Multiple Clients to a Session Form

Once you have started the Session form and selected Save Session the page will reload and you can now Add clients in the Clients & Forms area of the page. 

  • Click the Add link beside Clients & Forms to add a client.

You can search for your clients by clicking on the Key, and typing all or part of the clients name by choising from the box shown below. Once you have put a check mark beside each of the attendees  click the Add Client(s) to Group Activity button on the bottom right of the window.


The Client(s) will then be added to your Clients & Forms table in your Session. 

Remember: Each Client automatically has the Information & Orientation Form attached to their name as a default.  If this Form is not needed, you will have to delete it from each Client individually. Click on the [+] sign in the same row as your client's name to see the Form(s).

Save the Session

Click Save Session at the bottom of the page when you are ready to begin.  

Next Steps

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