Find an Existing Group Activity Name

Learn about finding an existing Group Activity template so you can edit it or use it to create a new Group Session.

Instructions and Definitions

Group Activity refers to scheduled workshops or events that you deliver, such as a "Job Search Workshop" or "Filing your Taxes", where multiple clients are expected to attend.

Using a Group Activity from the "Master" List

Go to the Client Search page by clicking on Find Client/Activity in the My Tasks menu in the sidebar.

Working with Group Activity Sessions is very similar to working with Clients in Direct Service Sessions.

To find an existing Group Activity Name select Group Activity as your Client Type. Leave the search fields blank and click Search. A 'Master List' of Group Activity names will appear in the table.

Once you see the Group Activity Names click Profile beside the Group Activity you are working with. 


On the Edit a Group Activity page, you can save, print, work with (begin a session) or view all of the sessions associated with the Group Activity.

Next Steps

  • If you have the permission you can edit the details of the template.
  • You can review prior Group Activity Sessions that used this template.
  • Create a new Group Activity Session using this template.

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