Employment Service Form (Non -ICARE)

Learn how to add an Employment Form and the three related intervention types.

Start Here

After you have created a Session form and added a Client you will be able to create an Employment Form.

Instructions and Definitions

An Employment Form collects the information captured during a meeting between a program worker and a client. Services include referrals and short or long term interventions including employment-related task and referral services. This Service form can be added to any client that receives an employment service (in person, by phone or by email).

You need to complete a Session form. Once you have completed the Session form you will see an Information & Orientation form connected to your client (by default). You can Delete this form as it is not needed at this time.

One client or multiple clients can be included on a Session form. For example, if you work with two family members in the same 35 minute timeframe, both are separate "clients" but should be added to the same Session form and a separate Service form is filled out for each one.

If the Clients & Forms section is blank see Adding one or more Clients to a Session - Adding Multiple Clients to a Session Form

Adding an Employment Service Form

Click the Add Form link beside Form Name. Choose Employment Form and click Update to save it. 

The first time it is displayed it will be in pink to indicate that it is not complete. Click Edit to begin entering information.

Form Overview

Follow the instructions below to fill out this form and register it to OCMS. All fields shaded in Green are mandatory.

You can now make any Service Form ‘private’, even within a Program. If the Form is designated as Private, only that staff person and Agency Coordinators can see the information.

Tasks and Referrals: This section will be completed at the end of the Employment form if you are creating tasks and/or referrals for the client.

Admin Fields

  • Program: Filled in automatically.
  • Agency: Filled in automatically.
  • Name: Filled in automatically with clients’ name and client number.
  • Session / Form: Filled in automatically.
  • Service End Date: The date the service is expected to end. 
  • Agency Program: Select the program from the drop down menu.
  • Service Funded By: Click Select a Funder and choose the funder this service is covered under.
  • Referred By: Using the drop-down menu, choose how the client was referred to your agency.

Client's Pre-intervention Status  (this section is required by iCare)

  • Current Employment Status: The client's current employment status.
  • Educational Status: The client's educational status.
  • Current Occupation: See the list of NOC codes.
  • Intended Occupation: See the list of NOC codes.

Computer Skills

  • Does the client possess any computer skills:  Click on the [+] sign to add skills
    • Click Update after each addition.
  • Other applications please specify: Type any other computer skills the client has.

Other Programs Attended

  • Please choose the programs the client has attended, both past and present?: Click the [+] sign to add programs.
    • Click Update after each addition.

Services provided in Employment Intervention

Choose ONE of the three service-type options available.

Referral Only

If checked, complete the Referral To field.

Short Term Intervention

If checked, new fields will appear on the screen:

  • What topics were covered: Click Edit, Select each topic that was covered.
  • Was the client referred to any specific programs? Type the name of the program(s).
  • Were any resources or information provided? Type in the resources or information that was provided.

Long Term Intervention

If checked, new fields will appear on the screen:

  • Intervention Type: Choose one of the three topics, Mentoring, Work Placement or Preparation for licensure/certification, and answer the questions relating to that topic.


    • Average hours spent per week in contact with mentor that contributed directly to addressing employment needs.  Click Edit, choose the number and click Update
    • The client met the mentor regularly at: Click Edit, choose the location and select Update.

    Work Placement

    • The size of the employer (thinking of the entire organization): Choose the number and click Update.
    • Placement is: Is the placement paid or unpaid and click Update.
    • Client Works: Choose if the client works full or part time and click Update.

    Preparation for licensure/certification

    • Profession for which services were received: Please see the List of Regulated Professions . Click Edit, to choose from the list and click Update.
  • Skills and Aptitudes Received: Click Edit, select Yes for each skill or aptitude that was received. You do not have to answer No, it can be left on Not Set.                                   
  • Status of Intervention: Is the intervention Ongoing, Open or Closed? (if you are uploading to iCARE, our bulk upload file does not allow to update records if a service is ongoing.)
  • Reason for client ending participation: The intervention ended before anticipated, choose one only if participation has ended.


Support Services

Record any support services that your agency provided so you could complete the service with your client.

Save the Employment Form

Press Save at the top of the page to ensure all information is recorded.

Next Steps

Once you have completed filling in the necessary information, you can add any Tasks or Referrals provided during this session by pressing the Tasks and Referrals button.


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