Adding Clients to a Group Activity

Learn about adding clients to a group activity including new and existing clients.

Start Here

After you have completed the Group Activity Session form you can add attendees/clients.

The group activity form MUST be added before clients can be added to the session

Please note: An Attendee is the same as a Named Client.

Instructions and Definitions

You can add attendees to a Group Activity before or after it takes place.

In the Attendees section click the Add link.

Add clients

A new window will pop open.

Adding an Existing Client to a Group Activity

Type a Client's name or leave this blank and click Find.  A list of Clients will appear. Select the check box beside each Client you want to register for this activity.

You can search for your clients by clicking on the Key, and typing all or part of the clients name by choising from the box shown below. Once you have put a check mark beside each of the attendees  click the Add Client(s) to Group Activity button on the bottom right of the window.

adding clients contains

A list of the names that were checked will appear in the Attendees section with a new Support Services form (in pink) added to each Client. Click on the [+] beside Edit, Remove to display the form. Click Edit beside the form and fill in the Funder, Referred By and any Support Services used by the Client.


Adding a New Client to a Group Activity

If you have a Client that is not registered in OCMS but you want to add them to this Activity click Add in the Attendees section.

At the bottom of the new pop-up window click Register a New Client. A new pop-up window will appear called the Privacy Statement for Clients.  This is the way to quickly add a new client to OCMS.

Fill in the fields listed below for each Client not registered in OCMS.

  • Accept Statement: Yes or No.  This means the Client accepts your agency's privacy statement. If you select No this will be an Anonymous Client Profile.
  • First Name: Client’s first name.
  • Last Name: Client’s last name.
  • Gender:  Choose the client’s gender from the drop down menu.
  • Email: Client’s email address; this is not a mandatory section. 
  • Telephone: Client’s telephone number; this is not a mandatory section.
  • Registration Date: This is the date of registration for the client; this cannot be later than the Service Date of the group activity.

These clients will appear in Find Client/Activity section as incomplete Clients (highlighted in pink) until you complete their Client Profile.

Click Register to save the Client information. The Client Number will appear below the Register and Clear buttons to confirm that  the Client is registered.  Close this box by clicking on the orange X in the top corner.

  • You can now add the client to the Group Activity by typing in the Client name or Client number on the Select Clients page and following the steps above for Adding an Existing Client.


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