Group Activity Sessions for Named or Anonymous Clients

Learn how to begin an Information & Orientation Group Activity Session and/or a Community Connections Group Activity Session for Named and Anonymous Client Groups.

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There are 3 basic group activity session types to choose from Information & Orientation, Community Connections Group Activity Form and Employment Group Activity when you are reporting on workshops or other Group Activities that include a group of Named or Anonymous attendees.

Use the Anonymous Form (check the box: This Group Activity is Anonymous)  if you are only collecting data on the number of clients who attended this workshop/Group Activity.

Instructions and Definitions

Group Activities on the OCMS are now categorized as Information & Orientation Group Activity, Community Connections Group Activity and Employment Group Activity for Named and Anonymous Client Groups. 

From the Session Type drop-down, you can select Information & Orientation, Community Connections or Employment Group Activity to work with.

Starting a Group Activity Session

Group Activity Sessions can be started in different ways:

  • from the side menu by clicking on the 'Begin New Session' link. 
  • find a Group Activity using the 'Find Client/Activity' link in the side menu (this is for Named Client Activities only).  To review how to do this, click on Find an existing Group Activity name.
  • from the Client Profile (Named or Anonymous) click on 'Begin Session with Client' 
  • from the Client Dashboard click on 'Start Session'

If an Anonymous Client is added to a session the services cannot be transferred when or if the client becomes a Named Client.

If the Group Activity Name is not listed contact your Coordinator/Manager.

I/O, CC or Employment Group Activity Session

These can be for Named or Anonymous Clients. 

Follow the instructions below to fill out the form. All fields shaded in Green are mandatory.

Admin Fields

  • Agency: This is the agency you work out of and is filled in automatically.
  • Created By: This is automatically filled in with your Worker ID.
  • Session Type: Using the drop-down menu, choose the Session type - Information & Orientation Group Activity, Community Connections Group Activity or Employment Group Activity
    • Group Activity can be for named or anonymous clients
  • Service Date: the current date appears by default. Use the drop-down menu to change the default Service Date. 
  • Site:  Choose the registration site for your Group Activity by clicking Find.
    • Filter your information by typing in the location and clicking filter 
    • OR Click on the [+] sign beside Settlement Program Locations to find the location
    • Click on the Location name and click Select Site. 
  • Site Name: Filled in automatically when you choose the registration site. (Make sure the site name is correct).
  • Delivery Method: Choose how the service was provided. (In Person, By Telephone, By Email, Online)
  • Delivered at Point of Entry: If Services were delivered at the border. Select Yes from the drop-down menu.  The answer is set to a default, No.
  • Interpreters Present:  If there were interpreters at the Session, select Yes from the drop-down menu.
  • Interpreters (#): If yes, how many interpreters were present? Type in the number of interpreters.
  • Service Time: Enter the amount of time the Group Activity took in hours and/or minutes.
    • For multi-day sessions like Group Activities add up all the hours over the full event

Sessions Running Multiple dates - Example: If the same clients attended a weekly 2-hour workshop or Group Session for 3 weeks, it can be entered into one record. The start date would be January 6th and the end date would be January 20th. Then you would record 6 hours (3 weeks x 2 hrs a week). 

  • Delivery Language: Choose the language(s) of the services.
  • Click on 'Add Language' and select the language you spoke in to deliver the workshop/Group Activity.  If more than one language was spoken by staff then click 'Add Language' to add each additional language.
  • Once you choose your language(s) press the Update link to the left
  • Staff Involved: The worker logged in is automatically added. 
  • Workers can be added and removed using the Add Worker and Remove links
  • You can add more than one Worker for Group Activity Session forms only.  If more than one Staff member is included in the Group Activity, select one Staff member to input the data.  This data will be automatically recorded for each Staff member that is added to the 'Staff Involved' box.

It is recommended that only the lead worker add the Group Activity form. All other workers can be added to the form.

  • Session Notes: Add any notes about the Clients or Session. These notes are available for each Named Client in the Client Dashboard area for later viewing. 

Save the Session Form

Once the Session form is completed, select Save Session.

Next Steps

Once the page reloads you can now do any of the following:

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