Community Connections (C/C) Group Activity Service Form - Named Clients

Learn about creating/editing a Community Connections Group Activity form including setting Activity Stream, Volunteer information, and target groups.

This Service is now included in the Community Connections (CC) Bulk Upload file if the funder is Settlement Program (iCARE). 

Start Here

If Community Connections Group Activity was selected as the Session Type, then a Community Connections Service Form will be attached to the Group Activity Name.  A Group Activity Name is added after you begin a Group Activity Session.

Instructions and Definitions

Once a Group Activity Session is created for Named or Anonymous Clients, the Community Connections Service Form will be available on your Session Form.

The pink colour indicates the form is incomplete.

Form Overview:

Follow the instructions below to fill out the Community Connections Group Activity Service Form. All fields shaded in Green are mandatory.

Admin Fields

  • Gray Admin fields are automatically filled in 
  • Agency Program: Select the Agency Program for this Group Activity from the drop-down menu
  • iCare Program Type: Using the drop-down menu choose the program type you are funded for.
    • If your contribution agreement has Program types then chose the correct one for your service,
    • If your contribution agreement does not have Program types then chose Standard service

Sessions Running Multiple dates

You have two choices for reporting about group activities running multiple dates.

1. You can create one record for series of sessions if the same participants attended all sessions:

  • The start date would be the date of the first session, the end date would be the date of the last session
  • The total amount of time would be the total amount of hours for all sessions.
  • You can check off all topics that were covered in the information session.

2. The second option is to create several records (one record for each session of the series)

  • The start date and end date would be the date of the session you are recording.
  • The total amount of time would be the duration of this particular session (if the client missed that particular day, they do not get a record)
  • Check off the topics that were covered that specific session
  • Repeat for each of the sessions (by using copy session)


If the same clients attended a weekly 2-hour class for 3 weeks, it can be entered into one record. The start date would be January 6th and the end date would be January 20th. Then you would record 6 hours (3 weeks x 2 hrs a week).


You will create three sessions, 2 hours each, for January 6, January 13 and January 20. Each service should be marked as Complete.

There are two types of Activity Streams for this Group Activity.

  1. Community-Based Group Events and Activities: These are place-based opportunities offered for newcomers to connect with social and geographic surroundings, including community centres open doors, neighbourhood days, and town hall meetings.
  2. Target Matching and Networking: Canadians and settled immigrants volunteer and are matched with newcomers to assist them in support with coaching, networking, learning a language, homework clubs, and small group workshops.
  • Activity Stream: Select if the Activity Stream is Community-based or Targeted matching, networking, and workshops
    • If Community-based group events and activities are selected, two additional drop downs will appear for Type of Event and Main Topic /Focus
    • Type of Event: From the drop-down select the type of event.
    • If Targeted matching, networking, and workshops are selected, two additional drop downs will appear, Type of Service and Main Topic/Focus
    • Type of Service: Select the type of Community Connection Service provided from the drop-down menu
    • Main Topic/Focus: Select the Main topic or focus for the Service/ Event from the drop-down menu
  • Projected End Date: This field is OPTIONAL.  From the drop-down select the projected end date of the Group Activity. If this is added the service end date will be overwritten.
  • Type of Institution/Organization where the client received service: From the drop-down menu, select the location where the Community Connection Group Activity was held
  • Did volunteers from the Host community participate in the activity: Select Yes or No from the drop-down menu.
  • Number of Unique Participants: Choose the number from the drop-down.

Target Group (optional)

  • Select all that apply by clicking on edit beside the target group(s) and answering 'Yes'.
  • Be sure to click Update before leaving this section



Skills and Aptitudes Received

  • Select all that apply by clicking on edit beside the target group(s) and answering 'Yes'.
  • Be sure to press Update before leaving this section

Life Skills or Responsibilities of Citizenship Information Received as Part of this Service

  • Select all that apply by clicking on edit beside the target group(s) and answering 'Yes'.
  • If you report to ICARE -  Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship is not included in their answers for the bulk Upload
  • Be sure to press Update before leaving this section


  • Click the [+] sign to add presenters and related details
  • Type in the presenter information and click Update to save.


  • Type in any supporting comments in the box provided.  

Supporting Documents

  • Click on Attach Document to attach any supporting documents to the Group Activity form

Save the Group Activity Form:

Once the form is completed, click on the Save & Close button at the top of the page.

Next Steps:

Once the site reloads the Form row should be shaded green (to show it is complete).

You can now do any of the following:

Community Connections Session Report

This will provide you with a session report showing a listing of all the clients and information provided by your service. 

To see this report,

Go to the bottom of each Community Connections Session Page, staff will need a new OCMS Role. Only those who need to do iCARE data entry for CC sessions should have this role. This report has FOSS# / DoB information and access should be limited to avoid unnecessary client data-loss risks.


If you have staff that needs to access this Report please have your agency’s main OCMS contact send us their email addresses through our Ticketing System:


Video Instructions