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Questions and answers about the Agency Program feature

Several agencies using OCMS have requested that there be a way to make Service Forms confidential within the same agency. Due to the high demand for this feature, we have revisited the information-sharing capabilities of OCMS. This has resulted in significant changes to the program and a new feature called Agency Program.  

What is an Agency Program?

Agency Programs are the internal departments or programs. Examples include: VIPP, Language Training, SWIS, Job Placement, Job Search Workshops and many more. They are also your Internal Referrals that are used in the Tasks and Referrals form.


What is the security with Agency Programs?

Before Agency Programs any staff could see any Service Form, Notification, etc created by any colleague in the Agency. Now, only those staff in the same Agency Program will be able to see each other's Service Forms.

The screen capture shows Sessions for a worker who only has access to SWIS and VIPP-related Service Forms. They are not part of the JSW Program and therefore can't see those Forms.

Agency Security


I still want all staff to see all Forms. What do I do?

To allow all of your staff to see all of the available client information on the OCMS (Forms, notifications, etc) they need to be a part of the same program.  There are two ways to do this:

  1. Request an OCASI Admin staff to setup the program to allow all users to view all of the available client information
  2. Create a centralized program and add all staff to this program.  To review, cliick on, Manage Agency Programs.
  3. Add all of the staff members to each program that has been created


Where else is Agency Program used?

Agency Programs replaces the "Department" drop down that is a part of each Service Form.

Once you create Programs you can use them to filter your reports (if you have the Coordinator permissions).

Agency Programs are also in the Client Dashboard so you can see which departments the client has already been to.


Do Agency Programs affect iCARE Bulk Uploads?

No, iCARE Bulk Uploads are not affected by the agency program.  iCare Bulk Uploads include  information   for clients who are funded by the Settlement Program (iCARE).

However, staff with access to iCARE Bulk Upload reports can filter the Bulk Upload reports by Agency Programs if they want to generate a report based on a specific program.

If the filter option is left at 'Not Set' the Bulk Upload report will include all of the Agency Programs.


How do I add an Agency Program?

Review this page for step-by-step instructions.

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