How to Remove a Duplicate or Unwanted Client Profile

Learn about deactivating a Client Profile.

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Please note that all sessions for a client should be removed before you can deactivate a client. This means that there should be no sessions showing for this client in the all sessions section of the client dashboard.

The client may be involved in a group session if so remove the client but you can leave this session.

Click on Find Client/Activity in the My Tasks menu located in the sidebar. Go to the Client Profile page you want to remove. 

An Anonymous Client cannot be changed to a Named Client.  If changes are required a New Named client must be created. 

Instructions and Definitions

There is currently no way to fully "delete" a Client Profile record. This was done to make sure no Service Forms attached to that Profile were left abandoned. 

However, you can deactivate a Client Profile that client record and related Service Forms will not be part of any search results or reports. 

Please note: Only staff with Administrator Access can deactivate clients.

To deactivate a client you need to be on the Client Profile page.

Scroll down until you see the Active checkbox:

Deactivate a client

Just uncheck it and then Save the Profile

This client will no longer be part of your reports.

You will have to create a new Client Profile for this client if you have unchecked and then saved this page in error.

Don't forget to double check and Save after making any changes to the Client Profile page.


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