Creating & Deactivating a Group Activity Name/Master List

Learn how to create and deactivate a name and/or master list of Group Activities that staff can use in Group Session Forms.

Start Here

Click on the Register New Activity link in the My Tasks menu located in the sidebar.

Instructions and Definitions

Each agency creates a master list of Group Activities that they deliver. These are added by staff with "Coordinator" level permission. 

Staff will then select Group Activity names from the list to create a specific Group Activity Session with a date, time, audience, etc. for specific events.

Creating a Group Activity Name for the Master List

Step 1) 

 Register a Group Activity

Note: If you do not see the Register New Activity option when you log into the system then you do NOT have 'Coordinator' level permission.

Step 2) 


Add the title of the Group Activity. This will be the title that is visible when workers search for a Group Activity title to use in the Group Session Form. Text can be added to the titles to help narrow down the list of workshop types available.

Please Note: Group Activity names should be generic.  Do not include details like language, target groups or locations. Generic Group Activity names reduce the number of duplicate names in the Group Activity list and can be used multiple times.

An example of a generic Group Activity name would be 'Employment Group' instead of a specific name like, 'Multicultural Women's Employment Group - Nov 20, 2014'. 

Step 3)

There are (4) option buttons that appear when you click Register.  To continue registering Group Activities, click Register Another Group Activity.  

Once the names have all been created, staff will be able to see them as a Master List when they search for a Group Activity.  

Deactivating a Group Activity from the Master List

You can deactivate a Group Activity from the Master list so that future group sessions do not use the group name. 

Note: Group Activities that have been deactivated will still be counted in Group Activity sessions that occurred before the deactivation.

  1. Click on 'Find Client/Activity' from the left side menu
  2. Select 'Group Activity' in the field 'Client Type'
  3. Leave all fields blank and click 'Search' to see the list of Group Activity names
  4. Select 'Profile' beside the Group Activity name you want to deactivate
  5. Click the box beside 'Active' to uncheck it.
  6. Click Save. 

Next Steps

After those details are saved this template will be available to all Agency staff to use within their Group Session Service Forms. 


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