I/O, C/C and Employment Group Activity Service Form - Anonymous Clients

Learn about creating an Anonymous Group Activity.

Starting with a New Session

Click on Begin New Session from the side menu and select your Session type from the drop-down menu.

Use the Information & OrientationCommunity Connections or Employment Group Activity form when you are reporting on workshops or other Group Activities and need to enter data for more than one client attending the workshop/Group Activity. 

Use the Anonymous Form (check the box: This Group Activity is Anonymous)  if you are only collecting data on the number of clients who attended this workshop/Group Activity.

If an Anonymous Client is added to a session the services cannot be transferred when or if the client becomes a Named Client.

Starting with a Group Activity

  1. Go to the Search page by clicking on Find Client/Activity in the My Tasks menu located in the sidebar.
  2. Select the Client Type: Group Activity from the drop-down menu.  
  3. Leave all fields blank and click Search to get a list of all Group Activity names that you can work with.

After you find an existing Group Activity name that you want to work with click Profile beside its name. 


Select 'Work with Group Activity' to begin a group session.

If the Group Activity you need is not listed contact your Coordinator/Manager.

It is recommended that only the lead worker add the Group Activity as all workers can be added to the form.

Form Overview

Follow the instructions below to fill out the form. All fields shaded in Green are mandatory.

Admin Fields

    • Agency: This is the agency you work out of and is filled in automatically.
    • Created By: This is automatically filled in with your Worker ID.
    • Session Type: Using the drop-down menu, choose the Session type of service.
      • Choose Group Activity when recording workshop information
    • This Group Activity is Anonymous: Check this box.
    • Service Date: Current date appears by default. Use the drop-down menu to choose the correct Service Date.
    • Site:  Choose the site where your Service or Group Activity is taking place by clicking Find.
      • Filter your information by typing in the location and clicking filter 
      • OR Click on the [+] sign beside Settlement Program Locations to find the location
      • Click on the Location name and click Select Site.
    • Site Name: Filled in automatically when you choose the registration site. (Make sure the site name is correct).
    • Delivered at Point of Entry: Select Yes or No.
    • Group Activity: Click on the [+] sign to show the Information & Orientation Anonymous Group Activity form.  
    • Attendees[+] sign to show the Group Activity Attendee Form.  Click Edit to fill in the form.


    • In the Group Activity Attendee Form for Attendees there are (2) green fields to fill in: 
  1. Service Funded By - click on the Select a Funder button to choose the funder
  2. Referred By - select the referral from the drop-down menu

The remainder of the form is about Client Support Services Received. Click on Client Support Services to review this section. Delivery Method: Choose how the service was provided. Interpreters Present:  Select Yes or No. Interpreters (#): If yes, how many interpreters were present? Service Time: Enter the amount of time your service(s) took.

      • For multi-day sessions like Group Activities add up all the hours over the full event

Delivery Language: Choose the language(s) of the services.

      • You can remove the default English language and then add a new one by pressing the Add Language link.
      • Once you choose your language(s) press the Update link to the left

Staff Involved: The worker logged in is automatically added.

      • Workers can be added and removed using the Add Worker and Remove links
      • You can only add more than one Worker on the Group Activity Session form only (not the Direct Service Session form)
      • Session Notes: Add any notes about the clients or session. These notes are available here and in the Client Dashboard area for later viewing.

Sessions Running Multiple dates

You have two choices for reporting about group activities that includes series of sessions for the same participants.

1. You can create one record for series of sessions if the same participants attended all sessions:

      • The start date would be the date of the first session, the end date would be the date of the last session
      • The total amount of time would be the total amount of hours for all sessions.
      • You can check off all topics that were covered in the information session.

2. The second option is to create several records (one record for each session of the series)

      • The start date and end date would be the date of the session you are recording.
      • The total amount of time would be the duration of this particular session (if the client missed that particular day, they do not get a record)
      • Check off the topics that were covered that specific session
      • Repeat for each of the sessions (by using copy session)


If the same clients attended a weekly 2-hour class for 3 weeks, it can be entered into one record. The start date would be January 6th and the end date would be January 20th. Then you would record 6 hours (3 weeks x 2 hrs a week).


You will create three sessions, 2 hours each, for January 6, January 13 and January 20. Each service should be marked as Complete.


Save the Session Form

Once the Session form is completed, select Save Session.

Maintain a Session

The fields: Session #, Agency, Created By, Session Type, Service Date, Site, Site Name, Delivered at Point of Entry are already filled in as per the previous screen.

      • Group Activity: Click on the (+) to view the Information & Orientation (Anonymous Group Activity) Form
        • Click Edit to complete the form
        • Select the Agency Program from the drop-down menu
        • Enter the # of Anonymous Clients in the green field, e.g. if 10 people attended the group session, enter '10'
        • Attach supporting documents if applicable
        • Click Save & Close
      • Attendees: Click on the (+) to view the Group Activity Attendee Form
        • Click Edit to complete the form
        • Service Funded By: Select the Funder by clicking on  Select a Funder
          • Select the Funder from the list or enter the name in Filter and click Filter,  click Select once a funder is chosen
        • Referred By: Select an option from the drop-down menu
        • Status of Service: Did the service end early, is it ongoing or complete - We recommend when uploading to iCARE only add completed services
          • If you upload ongoing services to iCARE, then you need to close all these services directly in iCARE. The iCARE bulk upload does not allow editing of ongoing records that have been already uploaded. (The bulk uploads were created by iCARE).
        • Enter any applicable Client Support Services Received (Newcomer Children, Interpretation/Translation, Additional Information, Supporting Documents)
        • Click Save & Close
        • Click Save Session at the bottom of the page

You can view/edit the updated form on the User Dashboard under 'Today's Updated Sessions' and 'Today's Updated Clients'.

Video Instructions

I/O Form


CC Form


Employment Form

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