Language Training Session Overview

Learn how to create a Language Training Session that includes attendance and course exit forms.


How to Open or Begin a Language Training Session

Select Language Training from the drop down menu as the Session type when you need to enter data on language courses and Language Training activities.

Start a new Session. To review how to start a Session Click on Create A New Session.

For Language Training, there are (3) new fields to enter on the Begin New Session page:

  1. Course Code - type in the Course Code (generated by your agency)
  2. Course Start Date - enter the Course Start Date by selecting it from the drop down menu
  3. Course End Date - enter the Course End Date by selecting it from the drop down menu

Adding a Language Training Group Activity to your Session

Add the Language Training Group Activity to the Session by adding a Group Activity to the form.  To review how to add a Group Activity, click on Adding a Group Activity to a Session.

 If the Group Activity is not listed contact your Coordinator/Manager.

Language Training Forms

Altogether, there are (4) Language Training forms to be filled out to complete the Language Training Session. Two of the forms are attached to the Group Activity and the remaining two forms are attached to each Enrolled Client.

Group Activity Forms

Each Language Training Group Activity has (2) forms attached to it, the Training Open Form and the Training Attendance Form.  

Click on the plus (+) in the Group Activity table to display the forms. 

  • Training Open Form

The Training Open Form captures details on the course, enrollment, the class and its location. It is filled out once for every Language Training Group Activity to describe the Session. Click Edit beside the Training Open Form to complete it.  

Click on Training Open Form to review how to complete this form.

Please note: the Training Attendance Form should be completed AFTER adding Attendees.

Adding Attendees

Attendees are Named Clients.  Before filling out the Training Attendance Form, Attendees need to be added to the Language Training Group Activity.

  1. Click on Add in the Attendee table.  A pop up window will appear.
  2. Search for and select Named Clients to add to to the form.  To review how to add a Named Client, click on Adding Clients to a Session.
  • Training Attendance Form

Click Edit beside the Training Attendance Form to complete it.  The Training Attendance Form records attendance by day or by month for each Enrolled Client or Named Client. The Enrolled Clients added to the Attendee table are automatically added to this form.

Click on Training Attendance Form, to review how to complete it.

Note: An Attendance Form must be filled out for each Month or Date individually.  Past Attendance forms can be viewed by clicking on the drop down button for 'Now Updating Attendance For'.

Enrolled Client Forms

Each Enrolled Client has two forms attached to them that must be filled out to complete the Session.  They are the Training Exit and Training Enrollment Forms

Check the box beside Expand all rows to display the forms for each Enrolled Client.

If Start Date should be used as Enrollment Date, make sure that checkbox is checked and then add users.

  • Training Exit Form

This form provides information on the Client status and whether or not a certificate has been issued. Click Edit beside the Training Exit Form to complete it. Click on Training Exit Form, to review how to complete this form.

Each Enrolled Client has a Training Exit Form.  These forms are to be filled out for each Enrolled Client even if they are currently enrolled and/or the course is still in progress.  

Note: The Training Exit Form must be filled out for each Enrolled Client individually.  The All Attendee Settings feature does NOT apply to the Training Exit Form.

  • Training Enrollment Form

Click Edit beside the Training Enrollment Form to complete it.  This form must be filled out for each Enrolled Client. There are only (2) required fields to be filled out to complete this form, Service Funded By and Referred By.  

The Training Enrollment Form can be quickly completed for all Enrolled Clients by using the All Attendee Settings feature.  Click on Training Enrollment Form to review how to fill out this form and how to use the All Attendee Settings feature.

Closing a Language Training Group Activity Session

When the course reaches its end date, it can be closed.  

  1. Find the Language Training Session by selecting Language Training as the Session Type.  The Language Training Group Activity can also be entered in the Name field.  Click on Find a Session to review how to Find a Session.
  2. On the Edit a Client Session page, click the checkbox beside 'This Course is closed' to close the course.

Save the Session Form

Once the Session form is completed, select Save Session.


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