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Learn how to record and update attendance for your Language Training sessions


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The Language Training Attendance Form is attached to the Group Activity. It records the attendance information for each Enrolled Client in the Language Training Session.

How to Open a Language Training Attendance Form

Add a Group Activity to the Language Training Session. To review how to add a Group Activity, click on Language Training Session Overview or Adding a Group Activity to a Session.

  1. Click on the [+] beside Group Activity name to view the Training Open Form and Training Attendance Form.
  2. Click Edit beside the Training Attendance Form to complete.

Attendance can be added per day or per month.

  • There is a likelihood that you will record daily attendance offline and then enter aggregate numbers into OCMS

Step 1: Create a List of your Enrolled Clients

Note: You must ADD Enrolled Clients to your Language Training Session BEFORE you create an Attendance list. Click on Adding Clients to a Session to review how to Add Attendees.


You must choose to record by Month or Date.  Once you have selected your Attendance Type choose the month/date in the drop down menu. Then press the “Create Attendance List” button.

  • If your courses are temporarily closed, this could be reflected by entering “0” for “classes conducted”. This can be done for each month that is affected.
  • If your class is completely closed, “edit” the course details and change the course “end date” for each course along with updating the “course description” field with, “closed early due to covid-19”.

For Date

Selecting the 'For Date' option allows you to enter Attendance for one particular date on the calendar.  This date is selected from the drop down menu in the field after the (=) sign.

For Month

This is the preferred option for creating an Attendance list.  With this option, you select a month from the drop down menu in the field after the (=) sign.

The main table will now display each Enrolled Client that you have added to this Session.


Step 2: Update Attendance Totals for this Month/Date


You now have to update the totals for the list you just created.

The Attendance List for the Month you just created is now the “active” month (unedited Lists show the *).  

You can record attendance for everyone at once by filling out the “...set Classes Attended...” box and then pressing the  “Update Classes Attended...” button.


In this case, for September, we have recorded that all attendees attended 20 classes.

Your List will now show the new “Classes Attended” value '20'.


If, you need to edit individual attendees' attendance totals press the “Edit” button on their row in the table. Change the number and press “Update”. Put it to 0 if they did not attend that Month/Date.

Note: you can only add “Attendance Lists” for month/dates that fall within the Course Open/Close dates.

Step 3: Repeat for other Months/Dates

If you are going to add attendance for another month or date you start by choosing a different Month/Date and then pressing the “Create Attendance List” (Step 1).

Step 4: Save

Once you have your attendance recorded make sure you press the “Save” button.

Step 5: Export Attendance List

Once the list is created it can be exported to Excel by clicking Export this Attendance List


You can go back to a past attendance list by changing the value in the “Now Updating Attendance For” dropdown.


You can delete a single Attendance List (for a month/date) by pressing the “Delete this Attendance List” button below the main table. All other Attendance Lists for this Session will not be affected.

For more information on the Language Training Session, please review the Language Training Session Overview.


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