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Adding a Group Activity Name to a Session


Learn about adding an existing Group Activity to a Session.

Start Here

Begin a Group Activity Session and add a Group Activity Name to the Edit a Client Session page.

Instructions and Definitions

Group Activity can be Named, Anonymous. Each Group Activity Name has forms attached to it for a Named Session or Anonymous Session. 

  1. Click on 'Add' to display a pop-up window to search for a Group Activity Name
  2. Leave all fields blank and click 'Find' to show a list of Group Activity Names
  3. Click on the checkbox beside the Group Activity that will be worked with
  4. Click on the Select a Group Activity button


The Group Activity Name will appear in the Group Activity table.  Click on the [+] to view and edit the attached forms.


The group activity form MUST be added before clients can be added to the session

Next Steps

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