Adding Service Forms to a Session

Learn how to add Services to the Client Session.

Adding a Service Form to a Client in a new Session

Once the Client has been added to the Session Form, a Service Form can be added to the Client.  A default Service Form is automatically added when a Client is attached to a Session.  The default Form is the Information & Orientation (I/O) Form.  If this is the Form you need, click Edit to fill it in.  If not, Delete it and click Add Form.  You can select a new Form from the drop down menu and click Update to save it.  

Click on the [+] to see the Service Form.  Any form that is highlighted pink is incomplete.


Please remember: Service Forms MUST be completed for the Session to be complete. If the Service Form is NOT completed, the Session will NOT be counted on your report.

When a Service Form is complete it is highlighted in green. 

If there are multiple Clients included in the Direct Service Session, and they require the same Service Forms, the Service Forms can be copied to each Client.  To review this process, click on Copy a Service Form.


Save the Session

Once Service Forms have been completed for your Client(s), scroll down to the bottom of the page and Save your Session.


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