Creating an Excel Spreadsheet for Named Clients or Group Activities

Start Here

Go to the Find Client/Activity link in the Sidebar Menu. Click on Find a Client to see the Sidebar Menu link.

Instructions and Definitions

On the Find a Client in My Agency page, select the Client Type.  An Excel spreadsheet can be created for Named Clients or Group Activities.

Fill in search fields or leave them blank and click Search...

Names of Clients or Group Activities will appear in the table.  To see all names available, leave the search fields blank.

For Named Clients

An example of a search for Named Clients:


For Group Activities

 An example of a Group Activity search leaving all search fields blank:

Show Fields/Hide Fields

After the search results appear, fields can be included or removed from the Search table.  

  1. Click on the Show Fields button to display additional field options.
  2. To add fields from the additional Fields pop-up menu, click on the field to be added, hold onto the mouse button and drag the field to the search table.  
  3. Drop the field into any section of the table header by releasing the mouse button in the spot where the field should be placed. A small white arrow will appear above the section indicating where the field will be placed.
  4. Click on the orange 'X' in the Fields pop-up window to close it.


Please note the Show Fields button will change to Hide Fields once it is clicked and the pop-up Field menu will appear.

Fields can also be removed from the search table.

  1. Click on the Show Fields button.
  2. Click on the field in the Search table that is not needed.
  3. Hold onto the mouse button and drag the field to the additional Fields table.
  4. Release the mouse button to drop the field into the additional Fields pop-up window.
  5. Click on the orange 'X' in the Fields pop-up window to close it.


Exporting the Table

Once the Search Table contains the information needed, it can be exported to Excel.  The Excel sheet can be edited, printed, saved and emailed as an Excel file.

  1. Click on the Export button.
  2. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet will download. Click on the download to open it.
  3. Click Enable Editing in the yellow bar on the Excel sheet to edit it if necessary.
  4. Click on the 'X' in the top right corner of the screen or close the file to return to the OCMS page.


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