Manage Agency Questions - Adding Questions

OCMS allows customization of questions giving you a greater flexibility for reporting in all of the forms that are offered including the client profile.


To begin using Custom Questions on your Service Forms and Client Profile you have to create the questions first and then assign them to the Forms where you want them to appear.

Only users with the Agency Coordinator role can access the Custom Questions admin pages.

Click on the “Manage Agency Questions” link in the My Tasks menu section.

The page that loads will have all of your Questions in the top table and the forms they are assigned to in the bottom table. The first time you use this page both tables are empty.

Step 1: Add a New Question

The first thing to do is add the question you want to include.

In the header row of the Add/Modify or Delete Agency, Specific Questions click on "Add New" to begin.


Step 2: Choose “Answer Type”

This is where you determine which answers staff will be able to choose from.

There are many predefined answers for custom questions in OCMS already


If you require a specific answer selection, please place a ticket for assistance in possibly having these added to the OCMS system.

Once you make a selection press the “Update” link in the first column of the row you are on.

The Question cell now says “-- Not Set--”.

Step 3: Add the Question Text

Press the [+] button at the beginning of the row.


Click on “Add New” in the new box that opens up.

Now you are going to add your question text.

Select the Language. Choose English (French content is not shown yet). Then type in the question you want to add.

When you are done press “Update”.

Now the question is available to be added to your Forms.

Step 4: Choose the Form you want to Work with

In the Configure Question Assignment to Forms table, select the Form you want to work with from the drop-down list.

Questions can be used in multiple Forms but you have to add them one at a time.


The table reloads and shows you any questions already on that Form.

Step 5: Add the Question to the Form

Click on the “Add New” link to start.

You will now have a row in the table you can edit.

Start by choosing the question form the Question drop-down:

Once selected you can then assign the setting for this question:


Active: Check to have this question to appear on the Form.

Required: Check to force staff to answer this question before the Form can be submitted.

Default Value: You can choose which answer is already selected when the page loads.

Order: You can set the order by which questions appear. 0 is always the top.

Data Collected: do you want the answers to this question collected in the report for this form.

After you have added your settings you click on “Update”. Your row will look like this:


Step 6: Go check your Form.

When you first get started you will want to see how it looks on your Form.

There is a section called “Agency Questions” on each Form (if any were added) just above the Support Services area. Your new question will appear there - only on the Form(s), you have assigned it to though.


Step 7: Repeat.

You can add as many questions as you like to each Form.

Things to Note

Once data has been collected for a specific Form’s custom question you can’t delete that question until you remove the data from all of the Forms that were used to submit the data.

You can see which questions contain data by looking at the “Data Collected” checkbox on each row (in the “Configure Question Assignment to Forms” table.


If there is no checkmark you could delete the question from the Form. If there is, you can uncheck the “Active” box and the question will be removed but the data is maintained.


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