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Manage Agency Teachers


Learn about managing your centralized list of teacher names for Language Training Sessions.

Start Here

Click on the Manage Agency Teachers link in the My Tasks menu located in the sidebar.

Please note: only Administrative staff (coordinators, managers) have access to this link.

Instructions and Definitions

The information you enter here will be used by staff when they are adding Teachers to their Language Training Open Form.  When asked to provide a Teacher Name, the names that were added will automatically be available in the drop-down menu for all staff.

  Agency Teacher Information

Once you click on Manage Agency Teachers, you will be directed to the Maintain Agency Teachers page.  

In the section ' Agency Teacher Information,' fill in a Teacher Name in the green field.  All other fields are optional.  

Leave the 'Active' box checked and click on 'Save Current Teacher'.

Admin Fields

  • Teacher Name: Enter the Internal or External Partner name.
  • Address: Enter the Teacher/School contact address.
  • City: Enter the city.
  • Province: Enter the province.
  • Country: Enter the country.
  • Postal Code: Enter the postal code (with no spaces).
  • Telephone Number: Enter the Teacher/School contact phone number. 
  • Fax: Enter the Partner’s fax number. 
  • Contact Name: Enter the name of the primary contact for this location.
  • Contact Email:  Type the email address of the Teacher.
  • Active: Leave this box checked – this is only to be unchecked if this is no longer an active agency Teacher.  

Click Save Item to save this Teacher Information to OCMS and make it available to staff.

Edit an Existing Teacher

Click on the Edit link beside the Teacher's name in the grid at the top of the main page. The details for this Teacher will be shown in the fields listed above. The Teachers are listed under 'Partner Name'.


Next Steps

  • To add a new Teacher click the Create a New Teacher button.


Video Instructions

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