All Clients Totals Report Based on Client Profile

Learn about the All Client Totals report. This report is available to all staff.

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Click on the My Reports link in the Reporting section of the sidebar to access the All Clients Totals report.

Please note: All reports are generated using completed service forms only.

All Client Totals Based on Client Profile

This report provides information on Clients based on Client Profiles created in the time period selected. It includes all information on clients new or returning, gender, immigration status, custom agency questions and more. This is a full picture of the client.

Each item in the Client Profile is displayed in the report.

Most of the filter options for this report are located in the Show/Hide filter selection.

Filter Fields

The filter fields are the same for all reports.  For a description of the fields, click on Report Filter Fields.

You can run the All Client Totals Based on Client Profile Report separately for new and returning clients.


An Executed All Client Totals Report