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New/Returning Clients Report


Learn about the report used to keep track of new and returning clients.  This report is available to all staff.

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Click on the My Reports link in the Reporting section of the sidebar to access the New/Returning Clients report.

New/Returning Clients

This report displays a breakdown of the New and Returning Clients to your Agency or your Program in the time period selected. It is based on the Client profiles created during the specified time.

The New/Returning Clients report contains the name, Client Number, and status of Named Clients, separating the New and the Returning Clients with a total for each at the bottom of the list.

Clients are regarded as New on the OCMS if they have received their first Service at your Agency or within your Program during the time period selected.

Clients are regarded as Returning on the OCMS if they have received their second or greater Service at your Agency or within your Program during the time period selected.

Clients are only counted once within the date range selected.  They will either be regarded as New or as Returning but not both.  If a client was New within the date range but also received an additional Service in the same date range, the client will be counted as New.

Please note: All reports are generated using completed service forms only.

Filter Fields

For information on each Filter Field, click on Report Filter Fields.

When using the report filter fields you must keep in mind that if you select:

  • a specific program from the agency program drop-down menu, you will only see the clients from that program
  • not-set in agency program you will see all the new and return clients from the entire agency


An Executed New/Returning Clients Report

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