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The Family Code function is located on the Client Profile page.  A Family Code can be added when Registering a New Client or can be added to an already existing Client Profile.

What is the Family Code?

The Family Code allows the OCMS to keep track of clients by their family.  Staff can use the Family Code to view Sessions and Services delivered to the entire family on the system.  If Family Codes are not provided then this search is not possible.  

How do I get a Family Code for a new Client?

When Clients are registered on the system, a Family Code can be added to their Client Profile.  Click on 'New' beside Family Code to generate a code for the Client.

Where do I find the Family Code?

The Family Code button is located on the Client Profile page between the Marital Status and Landing Date fields.

When should I use the Family Code?  

The Family Code can be added to any Client with family already registered on the OCMS or for new Clients that are aware of family that will be registering with the agency.  

Steps for creating a Family Code with an existing Client

  1. On the Client Profile page for the new Client, click 'Find' beside Family Code.
  2. A pop up window will appear.  Enter any existing Client information to find the family member already registered with OCMS.
  3. Click 'Find' in the pop up window for a list of possible matches in the system.
  4. Click on the box beside the name of the existing family member.
  5. Click 'Select Family'.

The same Family Code will automatically be generated for the new Client.  


 OCMS Video - Family Codes

This video demonstrates how to add a Family Code to Clients who are new to the agency and to Clients who already have family at the agency.

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