Language Training Enrollment Form

Learn how to complete a Language Training Exit Form.

About the Language Training Enrollment Form

The Language Training Enrollment Form is attached to each Attendee/Named Client.  It records the  Enrollment information for the Client.

How to Open a Language Training Enrollment Form

If Start Date should be used as Enrollment Date, make sure that checkbox is checked and then add users.

Add Attendees to the Language Training Session. To review how to add Attendees, click on Language Training Session Overview or Adding Clients to a Session.

  1. Click on the check box beside Expand all rows to view the Training Exit Form and Training Enrollment Form.
  2. Click Edit beside the Training Enrollment Form to complete it OR Click All Attendee Settings at the top right of the Enrolled Client table to fill out all Enrollment Forms at once.  

Mandatory Fields on the Enrollment Form

  • Service Funded By: Click on the Select a Funder button to choose who the Language Training                                                 Service is Funded by.
  • Referred By: From the drop down menu, select the Referral for the Service.

The Comments and Supporting Documents sections are both optional. Click on Attaching Supporting Documents to review how to attach a document to the form.

Using the All Attendee Settings Function

The All Attendee Settings function allows you to fill in all of the Enrolled Client Enrollment Forms at the same time.  The two mandatory fields are filled in for the entire Enrolled Client list.  

Note: If any of the Enrolled Clients have different Funders or Referrals or require Comments or Documents to be attached, it can be done after creating the settings for all Enrolled Clients.

  1. Click All Attendee Settings
  2. Fill in the Green fields 
  3. Click Save Settings
  4. Click Close


All Enrolled Client Enrollment Forms will turn Green with the status Completed.

For more information on the Language Training Session, please review the Language Training Session Overview.

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