Logging In and Logging Out

Learn about logging in, logging out and what happens when your session "times out".

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Start Here

To access the OCMS enter the following URL: https://www.ocmscanada.org (you must have an account already).

Instructions and Definitions

Logging In

Go to https://www.ocmscanada.org the site will load and you will see the following screen:

OCMS Log In Screen

Steps to Log In

  1. Email: Enter your email address
  2. Password: On your first use of OCMS enter the password supplied to you by the OCMS Liaison in your agency. Your password is case sensitive. Once in OCMS, you can change the password to something that is easier to remember.  For more information, see the Your User Profile article.
  3. Login: Click Login to enter the OCMS.

Logging out

To maintain the security of your Client data, we strongly advise that you log out of OCMS when you are finished.

To logout click the Logout link at the top right corner of the browser window.

System Log-out

If OCMS is idle for (20) twenty minutes your connection to the OCMS will "time out" and you will be logged out automatically and you will lose any data that wasn't saved.

You will then need to log back into the system.

If you were in the middle of a Session when you were interrupted and OCMS logged you out:

  • Log back in
  • Go to Find a Client in My Agency – find the client
  • Select Prior Sessions with Client
  • Check to see if your information was added before adding a new Session
  • If the client is not showing up in your agency then you did not save the Client Profile and will need to start over again.

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