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Client Visits to the Agency can be reported on by using the Visits Report

Click on the My Reports link in the Reporting section of the sidebar to access the Visits Report.

Please note: Only completed Sessions are included in reports.

Visits Report

This report provides information on New and Returning Clients based on Sessions/Visits to the Agency and Program.  If Clients had multiple Sessions during the selected date range, they will be counted multiple times.  

Note: This report counts Clients or Attendees.  It does not matter how many Services were delivered during these Sessions.

All Session types are counted in this report, with the exception of the Anonymous I/O and C/C Group Sessions.

For Language Training Sessions the Course Start Date is used for the Service Date range.

New and Returning Count

In this report, New and Returning Client status is only affected by the Agency Program field.  

If you select to filter by Agency Program, the report will show New and Returning Client Visits relative to that specific Program.

If you leave the Agency Program filter at 'Not Set' the New and Returning Client Visits will be relative to the Agency.

Filter Fields

The filter fields are the same for all reports.  For a description of the fields, click on Report Filter Fields.

Once you have ran this report if you need to remove client UID's (Unique Identifiers) from these clients, please read the article on deleting Client UIDs.  Please read carefully as this cannot be undone.

An Executed Visits Report

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