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Learn how to copy a Direct Service or Group Activity Session.


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To be able to duplicate a Session you first have to open the Session.  The Copy Session option will appear on the Maintain a Session - Edit a Client Session page. 

There are 2 ways to get to the Maintain a Session - Edit a Client Session page.

  1. You can click Find Session from the Side Menu. To review, click on Find a Session.
  2. Click on Find Client/Activity or Quick Client and select the Session you wish to copy from the Client's Dashboard. To review, click on Find a Client.

Please note: All Sessions except for anonymous Client Sessions can be copied.  


Copying a Client Session

If you need to duplicate a Client Session, you can copy the existing Session. This is typically done for Group Workshops or Activities that go on for more than one Session (ie. once a week).  

When you are on the Maintain a Session - Edit a Client Session page, you will see a button in the top right corner, Copy this Session.  Click on this button to create an additional Session, identical to the one you are currently on.  

All information will be duplicated, including the completed Service Forms.

The following are a few items from Sessions that are NOT duplicated:

Direct Service Sessions

  • Client Support Services
  • Attached Documents

Information & Orientation, Community Connections Group Activities

  • Presenter information
  • Attended status
  • Client Support Services
  • Documents

Language Training Sessions

  • Course Code
  • Attendance Form (if there are comments on the original Attendance Form, the comments will be copied to the new Form)
  • Training Exit Form

The only adjustment you are prompted to make is to enter the date for the new Session.  If there are any other changes to be made you will have to make them on your own, there are no other prompts for completed Sessions.




Please note: for Language Training Sessions, a Course Code will need to be entered as well as a new Course Start Date. 

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